Thursday, November 27, 2014

7C - Preparation for Schularbeit, Monday, December 1

Here are the multiple choice questions for Chapter 3, Exercise 3 (reading, top) and Exercise 10 (listening, track 7).

The Schularbeit is two hours on Monday, December 1

The format of the exam is
1 Listening
1 Reading
2 Writings (total of approximately 400 words)

The Stoff for the SA is:

Text sorts:      Formal email/letter (reply to inquiry, letter of complaint)
                       Blog entry

Grammar:       Basic sentence structures (positive statements, negative statements,                         questions)
                        Passive voice
                        Participles (active, passive)

Topics             Advertising, interactive advertising, advertising technology
                        RFID, Internet of Things, NFC
                        Big Brother, Surveillance, (Biometrics)

When you are finished studying for the Schularbeit, treat yourself to an episode of the old Mission: Impossible series!  

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