Monday, November 20, 2017

9C - In Class, November 20

Give a monologue of at least 3 minutes on one of the following topics.

What were your impressions of Munich as a tourist?  What are your best recommendations for a tourist to the city?  Places to stay, places to eat, attractions, etc.

What did you think of the Hofbräuhaus?  Is it representative of German culture or is it just for tourists?  Give reasons for your assessment.

Did you notice any environmentally-friendly practices in your hotel?  What would you recommend to the owners to make it a more eco-friendly stay?

Sunday, November 19, 2017

9C - Homework for Monday, November 20

Task 1)  Bring your Focus on Modern Technology 4/5 book to class!

Task 2) Find information about the consequences of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria (here's a good link!

Task 3) Don't forget your journal entries from Munich - Dzenis (2), Julian S. (2), Edon (2), Larissa (2), Ivan (2), Jürgen (1), Daniel (1)

Saturday, November 18, 2017

7C - Homework for Tuesday, November 21

Task 1)  Don't forget to bring your permission slip (signed by a parent or guardian) for Galway (bring your registration sheet, too, if you have it filled out1).

Task 2) Look up the consequences of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico (here's a good link!

Task 3) Bring your Focus on Modern Technology 3 book.  We're really going to finish Unit 2 before the Schularbeit!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Abend HTL - Lehrstoff for the SA on Thursday, November 30

FORMAT:  more than one hour, less than two hours

Listening comprehension (Hörverständnis)
Reading Comprehension (Leseverständnis)
Writing section

How to give a presentation
Hurricanes (formation, connection to global warming, consequences)
Global warming/greenhouse effect
Mass communication (television, newspapers, etc)
Teaching English without Teaching English

NEW:  Article!
blog entry
blog comment

If clauses
Linking words

9C - Homework for Monday, November 20

Let's finish up the topic of tourism/ecotourism.


Start with a basic video about ecotourism.  There are LOTS of them on the internet.  Here's one that's nice and short, but if you find a better one, leave me a link in the comments!

Here are some websites that you might find interesting:
Top 10 Australian eco tourism destinations:
Ten of the most Eco Friendly Destinations in North America: (with videos!)

5C - "Homework" for Monday, November 20

You can start practicing for the Schularbeit by doing exercises in your Going For Finals book.  Try to do a variety of test types.  I will recommend some good ones at your level.  You can also practice word formation!  There's a good overview of word formation at this link and you can practice  this link (start with the Elementary exercises and work your way up to Advanced).

Also, you should rewrite your articles.
1) If you did NOT write an article about shopping in supermarkets, write your DOWN DRAFT.
2) If you DID write an article about shopping in supermarkets, write your UP DRAFT.

Dr. Sandrock will be at school on Thursday, November 16 and she will be happy to meet with any students at 12:10 (Freistunde) or after school at 16:35 (ha, ha, what a joke, right!!) to help you with your rewrites!

3C -Homework for Monday, November 20

For Monday, November 20

TASK 1) We will repeat the Verb Revision over past perfect tense (including Type 3 conditionals) and the passive voice.  You can take the Verb Revision again to get a better grade.

Look over your handouts and exercises from the past few weeks.  If you want extra practice you can use your Essentials Grammar in Use (Units 22-23, Units 99-100) or do exercises at Ego4U (Passive:, Past Perfect

TASK 2)  Look over pages 36-37 (the difference between say, speak, talk, and tell).  Do exercise 2 on page 37.