Thursday, October 19, 2017

Abend HTL - Homework for Thursday, November 9

1) Finish the worksheet on the passive voice

2) You will write an ARTICLE (see p. 365 in Trauner) about the pros and cons of television.

3) You will write another entry in your activity journal (TBA)

4) Start preparing your presentation (do internet research, not just info from the book)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

7C - Homework for Friday, October 20

1) TALK WITH YOUR PARENTS ABOUT GALWAY.  Are you committed to €875 for this Language Week?  We need at least 15 students to say "yes" to the offer. 

- Dates:  June 23-June 30 (7 nights, 8 days)
- transfer from Trieben to Munich
- Flight from Munich to Dublin
- Transfer from Dublin to Galway
- 2-3 students stay together with one host family
- breakfast, lunch, and dinner included
- lessons taught by native speaker at Atlantic Language School
- 3 leisure activities, 1 evening activity, 1 excursion

Extra cost:  Reiseversicherung, public transportation in Galway, souvenirs, snacks

Finish filling out the worksheet you got on Monday (vocabulary for addictions and dependence).  We will do a short schriftiliche Mitarbeit, to see how well you can use this vocabulary.

3C - Homework for Friday, October 20

1) Rewrite the email for lovetoknow on page 9 of your textbook.

a) Look at the comments on your first draft to see what you can do better
b) Reread the task (Aufgabenstellung)
c) Use language found in the Language Box on page 9.

Write about 180 words.  Use paragraphs.  Turn in your ORIGINAL with your CORRECTION.

2) Finish exercise 22 (pages 54-55) in your Essentials of Grammar in Use (Passive voice)

1C - Group A - Homework for Tuesday, October 24

We will have a short "quiz" (Schriftliche Mitarbeit).  The topics covered will be

1) Imperative verbs (class rules, dos and don'ts)
2) Describing your house/dream house/room/dream room

Use the handout you received during the lesson on Wednesday, October 18 to study.  Pay special attention to the box with hints for vocabulary and grammar!

Looking ahead:
Homework for Tuesday, November 7: 

Task 1) Read pp. 27-28 in Focus on Modern Technology 1 (Befehlsform, Present Tense, Present Progressive)
Task 2) Read the email from Nick Cooper on page 20-21
Task 3) Do exercises 1 and 2 on page 21 (reading comprehension and pronouns)
Task 4) Do exercise 6 on page 23 (using grammar from pages 27-28 based on the text pages 20-21)

9C - Homework for Thursday, October 19

For Thursday, October 19, practice your reading comprehension on these two exercises.

1) The articles you read for the lesson on Wednesday are on Tausch > Lehrer für Schüler > 5C > Sandrock > For Thursday October 19.  The readings are part of a bigger Matura/Schularbeit task (Note Form).  See if you can fill in the gaps with four words or less!

2) In your textbook (Trauner, Englisch für die neue Reife und Diplomprüfung), there is a multiple choice Matura/Schularbeit task.  See if you can get the right answers, and summarize this text!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

5C - Homework for Monday, October 23

1) finish worksheet you got in class
2) prepare to do a gap fill using these words
3) review the passive voice in your Essential Grammar book (p. 54-55)

Monday, October 16, 2017

5C - Homework for Tuesday, October 17

For October 17, do the same homework as for October 16 (


Do the vocabulary exercise on page 75 of Focus on Modern Technology 2 (The dark green book).  This exercise uses vocabulary from the article about food miles)