Thursday, March 17, 2016

Be Seeing You

4C - Presentation Schedule

Wenn das Datum unangenehm ist, bitte mit Ihren Klassenkollegen verhandeln.  Vielleicht könnten Sie durch Bestechung einen Vertreter gewinnen!

4/14 - Julian H.- Gibson
          Jannik - KTM
           Klemens - Garrett

4/21 - Gregor- McLaren
          Tobias- Tesla
           Markus K- Delorean

4/28 - Jakob- Boeing
        - Kivanc- Airbus
        - Julian L- Sikorsky

5/12 - Markus G - Aston Martin
         Christian - Bentley
         Johannes - Jaguar

5/19 - Schularbeit

6/2 - Dominik- Liebherr
         Manuel K - Husqvarna
         Patrick - Caterpillar

6/9 - Armin - Smith and Wesson
      - Hans - Harley Davidson
      - Andre - Peterbilt

6/16 - Manuel B. - Voestalpine
        - Andreas - ???

2C - In Class - Thursday, March 17

Dr. Sandrock may be late to the lesson on Thursday.  You should use this time wisely.  You have a vocabulary quiz to study for, and a talk about Vienna to prepare:

When Dr. Sandrock arrives, we will:
1) review vocab
2) take the vocab quiz
3) hear reports from Vienna

Each student should talk about their trip to Vienna for two minutes (or more!).

Here's your outline:
1.  The trip there (Hinreise)
2.  Accommodations (Unterkunft)
3.  Food
4.  Activities
5.  Free time
6.  The trip home
7.  What was your favorite part & why?

Pluspunkte if you use these words (correctly) in your talk!

  • city break
  • sightseeing tour
  • culture
  • unfortunately
  • luckily
  • great
  • awful
  • excitement
  • including  - you can use "including" like "for example" (We went to many museums for example including the Natural History Museum and the Modern Art Museum)
  • except for

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

4C - Homework for Thursday, March 17

For Thursday, March 17, you should prepare an outline for your company presentation.

You should fill out your outline with some details so you know what you will talk about. Each talk should be about 6 minutes (5-7), with free-speaking (not reading) your ultimate goal!

We will begin presentations after the Easter Break.

2C - Homework for Thursday, March 17

1) Download CARS.pdf from the TAUSCH drive.
2) Words and Phrases quiz
            page 18
            add ex. 1 page 8
            add ex. 3 page 12,
            add ex. 1 page 14,
            add ex. 2 page 15
            add selected words from CARS.pdf
3) Write a blog post (page 15, ex. 3).  Follow the instructions on 110. 
            To turn in at the beginning of the hour.
4) Be able to talk about Wien Woche

5) If you have done all of the above, you will be well prepared for our speaking exercise on Thursday, 3/17. 

We did the following on Thursday, March 3
GRAMMAR – pp. 16-17
READING – page 11, answer the questions on page 12, ex. 2 (TF Justification – Matura Task)
VOCABULARY – Page 12, ex. 3 – find the synonyms
SPEAKING – Page 12, ex. 4 – Telling a story
LISTENING – Page 13 – as a class
SPEAKING – p. 15, ex. 2

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

4BHK - Presentation Schedule

Monday 4/11 - Simon Ben and Jerry's
Tuesday 4/12 - Lukas Apple, Dominik Beats by Dre
Monday 4/18 (Ausfall??)
Tuesday 4/19 (Ausfall??)
Monday 4/25 Marlene Victoria's Secret
Tuesday 4/26 Hüdem Acer, Marko Intel
Monday 5/2 Emanuel Gibson
Tuesday 5/3 Viktoria Converse, Robert Nike
Monday 5/9 Bernd McLaren
Tuesday 5/10 Manuel Dodge, Paul Chevy
Monday 5/23 Julia Disney
Tuesday 5/24 - SCHULARBEIT
Monday 5/30 Carmen Camel
Tuesday 5/31Tobias Hollister, Stefanie Billabong
Monday 6/6  Simone Heinz
Tuesday 6/7 Laura Tommy Hilfiger, Ines Calvin Klein
Monday 6/13 Katharina Dunkin Donuts
Tuesday 6/14 Vanessa Kelloggs

Friday, March 11, 2016

5AHK - Readings for Labour Topic

In your book:  pp. 49-50 - Forget India, Outsource to Arkansas
pp. 102-103 - Outsourcing Views (Pros and Cons)

Make Work Pay (handout in class)




5AHK - Plans for Summer Semester 2016

M - 3/7 - Sandrock handed out Labour topic guide/readings
F -  3/11 - Practice
M - 3/14 - 1) Verena/Sebastian hand out Banking topic guide/readings
                  2) Sandrock leads labour discussion
F - 3/18     1) Verena/Sebastian lead Banking discussion
F - 4/1       1) Christoph/Manuel hand out Personal Life topic guide/readings
                  2) Practice
M - 4/4 -   1) Andreas/Hubert hand out Economy/Ecology topic guide/readings
                  2) Christoph/Manuel lead Personal Life discussion
F - 4/8 -     1) Hannah/Hilmar hand out Marketing topic guide/readings
                  2) Andreas/Hubert lead Economy/Ecology discussion
M- 4/11 -   1) Vanessa/Jela hand out international economy topic guide/readings
                  2) Hannah/Hilmar lead Marketing discussion
F - 4/15 -   1) Julian/Julian hand out Society and Culture topic guide/readings
                  2) Vanessa/Jela lead international economy discussion
M - 4/18 -  Probably no class - Diplomarbeit Presentations!
                 Sandrock will be here for class. Good luck if you are defending!
F - 4/ 22    1) Tamara/Lisa/Alexandra hand out Professional Life topic guide/readings
                  2) Julian and Julian lead Society and Culture discussion   
M - 4/25 -  1) Tamara/Lisa/Alexandra lead Professional Life discussion
                   2) Practice
F- 4/29       1) Practice                

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

3C - Homework for Wednesday, March 16

WE WILL STAY LATE THIS WEEK:  BEGIN AT 1:00 pm, finish at 3:10.  We can order pizza!

(Last week's Leistung:  Write a blog comment

Task 1:  Study for a verb revision (see Mike for a helpful handout!) - You are responsible for all active tenses in the positive, negative and question form!

Task 2:  Page 73-74 - This reading is a Matura/Schularbeit task.  Answer the questions with a MAXIMUM OF FOUR WORDS.

Task 3:  Page 74 - Read the text and do exercises 1 and 3 as written on page 75.  For exercise 2, use the following instructions

Determine whether the statement is True (T) or False (F).  Write the first four words of the sentence which supports your decision.

First four words…
Extra food miles are a problem because they harm the environment

This travel adds substantially…
Supermarkets help to reduce food miles by centralization

The UK imports  50 % of its vegetables.

It’s better to transport goods by sea than by road.

Buying organic produce can reduce food miles.

Organic produce is never transported more than 26 miles.

It is more economically friendly for Britons to eat tomatoes grown in warmer countries.

3C - Fad Diets to present on April 6

Take a look at these fad diets.  Work in the assigned pairs.  Follow the links.  You will present your fad diet in class on April 6 (6 minutes per group, 3  minutes per person, free-speaking!) Presentation guidelines here:

Almir, Vjencislav - Atkins diet
Jürgen, Daniel- Raw Food Diet
Sarah, Elma- Paleo diet
Fabian, Pascal Sugar Busters!
Julian E, Valentin -  The Zone Diet
Dzenis, Eldin - Mediterranean Diet
Julian L, Mike - South Beach Diet

Answer the following questions:

What is the philosophy behind the diet?
What foods are allowed on the diet?
What foods are not allowed on the diet?
What is the reputation of the diet?
What are the advantages of the diet?
What are the disadvantages of the diet?
Are lifestyle changes part of the diet, e.g. exercise?
Give an example of a success story-
Give an example of a bad experience with the diet.

10 Most Famous Fad Diets of All Time (with links to descriptions and sample menus in English)

Seven Day Color Diet

5c - In class Wednesday, March 9

You are a student who has recently graduated from the HTL (congratulations!).  You have been invited back to give an overview of the English oral Matura for the next class - in English of course!

In your presentation you should:
- Give an account of how the oral matura works (selection of topics, preparation time, role playing, monologue/dialogue).
- State two or three essential things to remember (e.g. task achievement, free speaking, pauses)
- Create a list of tips for a successful performance at the oral Matura (include dos and don'ts)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

4BHK - Homework for Week of March 14

For Monday, March 14

Task 1 - Page 72, exercise 4  (Matura- bzw. Schularbeitaufgabenstellung)
Task 2 - Write a summary of the text (exercise 4).
Task 3 - Page 73 - Read and do Exercise 1 (you can do this alone, you don't need a partner

Task 4 - Page 74 - Read the text and answer the questions (Ex.2-3)
Task 5 - Page 74 - Write a summary of the text.
Task 6 - Page 75 - Read the text and answer the questions (Ex.4)
Task 7 - Page 75 - Write a summary of the text.

For Tuesday, March 15
Study for a Vocabulary Quiz over pp. 80-81 (pages 68-69, pages 71) + gullible
Be able to use the words in a sentence.

Monday, March 7, 2016

4BHK - Companies for Presentations

Acer – Hüdem
Heinz – Simone
Apple - Lukas
Chevrolet - Paul
McLaren - Bernd
Hollister – Tobias
Ben & Jerry’s - Simon
Nike - Robert 
Kelloggs – Vanessa
Gibson - Emanuel
Tommy Hilfiger - Laura 
Intel - Marko
Disney - Julia
Dodge - Manuel L.
Camel - Carmen
Beats by Dr. Dre - Dominik
Dunkin Donuts - Katharina
Victoria’s Secret - Marlene
Converse – Viktoria
Calvin Klein – Ines
Billabong - Stefanie

Abercrombie & Fitch
Beats by Dr Dre

Bud Light
Canon (not originally English speaking)
Coca Cola
Forbes Magazine
Foxconn (not English speaking)
Hewlitt Packard
Hugo Boss
Jack & Jones
Jelly Belly
Jim Dunlop
John Deere
Jordan Air (Nike?)
LA Lakers
Mesa Boogie
Michael Kors
New Holland (US HQ)
Paco Rabanne (not English speaking)
Pepe Jeans London
PRS Guitars
Skull Candy
Sony (English speaking)
Tommy Hilfiger
Tripwire Interactive
Ubisoft (not English speaking)
Under Armour
United Health Group
VOX (not English speaking?)
Warner Brothers

Saturday, March 5, 2016

4C - Homework for Thursday, March 10

TASK 1) Grammar Review:  Do You Remember? pp. 60-61 (answers in the back of the book)
               If-clauses, page 68, Ex. 4

TASK 2) VOCABULARY QUIZ:  Vocab p. 72.  Add vocab from ex. 1.1 and 1.2 on page 62. You need the vocabulary to be ready for this chapter.

TASK 3) Vocabulary: Page 62, ex. 1.1 and 1.2

TASK 4) Page 66, Ex- B.1 - Read the statements, then answer the quesetions below.

WRITTEN HOMEWORK TO TURN IN:  For Ex. 1.2 on p. 62 and exercise 1 on page 66, write sentences on a piece of LINED paper to hand in)

Be prepared to talk about Exercises 2-3 on page 63 in class on Thursday, March 10
Look over the instructions "How to Write a Comment" (page 65)

Now Read This! - A Collection of Cool Articles - 2

Politics: Is Bernie Sanders More Electable than Hillary Clinton?
(related: John Oliver covers Donald Trump - video)
Social Media/Marketing: Whole Foods Pulls Pre-Peeled Oranges Off Shelves After Twitter Backlash
What will they think of next?! - Cleaner Skies:  Boeing designs self-sterilizing jet bathrooms
Pros and Cons: Iowa Mulls Eliminating Front License Plates for Vehicles
Science (Video): Back on Earth, Astronaut Scott Kelly Discusses His Year in Space
Cars:  Pirelli World Challenge Has a Ton of Marvelous Weird Cars This Year
Design (video): It's not you: Bad Doors Are Everywhere!
Quiz:  Take the Fast Company News Quiz

Thursday, March 3, 2016

4C - Presentation of Companies

Andre - Peterbilt
Manuel B. - Voestalpine Texas
Jakob - Boeing
Armin - Smith and Wesson
Markus G. - Aston Martin
Hans - Harley Davidson
Christian - Bentley
Julian H. - Gibson
Markus K. - Delorean
Patrick - Caterpillar
Kivanc - Airbus
Manuel K. - Husqvarna
Julian L. - Sikorsky Aircraft
Johannes - Jaguar
Klemens - Garrett
Jannik - KTM
Andreas -
Gregor - McLaren
Dominik - Liebherr
Tobias - Tesla

Noch zu vergeben - Intel, John Deere, Tesla, Nitro USA (snowboards), Can-Am (ATVs), Thyssen Krupp (elevators), Garrett (turbochargers), Joy Global Underground Mining (Tunnelbohrmaschine ), CAMI (Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International)

These companies are leaders in the field of technology and manufacturing.  In your Referat your should talk about the company, its mission, its relationship to the environment  and discuss in detail AT LEAST ONE product that the company produces (include manufacturing, materials, specifics, reputation, etc.)  LENGTH:  5-7 minutes (ideally 6:20)

You will turn in a detailed outline of your presentation to me for feedback by Thursday, March 17. We will begin presentations after Easter Break. 

Let me know which company you select, and what date you want to give your Referat. If you have another idea of a company that has information available on the web in English, please see me!

5C - Plan for Summer Semester 2016

W - 3/2 - Sandrock handed out Labour readings
Th - 3/3 - Sandrock led Labour discussion
W - 3/9 - Dautaj/Schweiger hand out Sports topic guide/readings
                Finish labour discussion
W - 3/16 -  Schwab/Steinmaßl/Schauer hand out Energy topic guide/readings
                  Dautaj/Schweiger lead sports discussion
Th - 3/17 - Baum/Stenitzer hand out Environment topic guide/readings
                  Schwab/Steinmaßl/Schauer lead Energy discussion
W - 4/6 -   Süß/Winkler hand out Tourism topic guide/readings
                  Baum/Stenitzer lead environment dicussion
Th - 4/7 -   Stierberger/Wohlfahrter hand out Advertising topic guide/readings
                  Süß/Winkler lead Tourism discussion
W - 4/13 - Stierberger/Wohlfahrter lead Advertising discussion
Th - 4/14 - Tschernitz/Dormann hand out Communication/Media topic guide/readings
W - 4/20 - Handler hands out Health/Nutrition topic guide/readings
                  Tschernitz/Dorman lead Communication/Media discussion
Th - 4/21- Handler leads Health/Nutrition discussion
W - 4/27 - Practice?
Th - 4/28 - Practice?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

1C - Homework for Wednesday, March 9

TASK 1) Vocabulary quiz over vocab on page 57 and page 70 - you need this vocabulary to discuss the topics in Unit 4.

TASK 2)  Read the article on pages 60-61.  Do exercises 1, 2, and 3 on pages 62-63

3C - Homework for Wednesday, March 9

For Wednesday, March 9

TASK 1) Study for a vocabulary quiz over p. 80 in your text book and p. 100 on the handout you received in class. You need this vocabulary to discuss the topics in Unit 6 (Food and Health)

TASK 2) Write a blog entry on the following topic:

You are one of the authors of “TechnoEnglish,” a blog where HTL students can practice writing (and reading) English.  Write a blog entry informing your schoolmates about the risks of wireless technology.  In your blog entry, you should:

  • ·      Summarize the controversy about WiFi and health risks (2-3 sentences),
  • ·      Express your point of view about the health risks of wireless technology in schools,
  • ·      Suggest ways in which people can lower their risk.
Your blog entry should be 140-160 words. Don't forget to ask your readers to leave a comment!

            * Give your blog entry an interesting title
            * Your introduction should indicate what the entry is about, but it should also build reader interest (rhetorical questions are good for this! you should also ask your readers to comment on your post)
            * You may address your readers (in this case, English students at the HTL)
            * You should have a separate paragraph for each bullet point

            * Did you proofread for spelling, capitalization, punctuation and                                       paragraphs?

10C - Some Links for Labour Topic

In addition to the texts you received in class today, look at the following:




ABEND HTL - Matura Themenbereiche

1.  Drugs and Alcohol 2. Nuclear Energy 3. Renewable Energy 4.  Sports and Recreation 5. Health and Nutrition 6. The Internet 7.  Smar...