Tuesday, April 16, 2019

English Challenge - Tuesday, April 16

Are you looking for something to write about for the English Challenge? First rule:  Find something you love and do it in English!  Do you love cars?  Find a youtube channel about cars.  Do you love robots?  Find a youtube channel about robots.  Do you love an English speaking singer or band?  Follow them in English.  Do you love a sports team?  Follow them in English.  Do you have a favorite film/TV series/book?  Try watching or reading in English.  Here is a collection of links to help you get started.

The Prisoner, episode 1: Arrival
We started watching this in the 1C.
Writing ideas: 
Describe what happens in the first four minutes before Number 6 wakes up in the Village
Describe how Number Six tries to escape
Describe how you would do things differently
This is just one episode of 17. You can find others on YouTube or DailyMotion.

https://english-e-reader.net/ - This is a collection of books from Elementary to Advanced.  You need to sign up to read, but it is free!  If you download the book onto your phone, it will sync up with a dictionary (at least it does on Google Play) and you can just highlight a word to find out its pronunciation and what it means!
Writing ideas:  Keep a reading journal.  Read for 15+ minutes a day.  Describe the characters and summarize the action.  Keep a list of new words or phrases you learn!

SPORCLE.COM this is a collection of quizzes about hundreds of topics.  To get you started:

Writing ideas:  Write about which quizzes you took, how well you scored, and what vocabulary and phrases you learned.

Freerice.com:  Test your English vocabulary! (there is also an easy German - English version) 
Writing ideas:  Write about the level you reached and the new words you learned.  See if you can use these new words in a sentence!

TEST YOUR ENGLISH - This is a free English test from the British Council.  Write about your English level.  Do you think your English is better or worse than the test?  What is easy for you in English?  What is more difficult?

LEARN ENGLISH TEENS - This is a great resource to practice READING, LISTENING, WRITING, SPEAKING and GRAMMAR.  There are lots of videos (check under "Study Break") and topics that should be more interesting than the boring old textbook.  
Writing ideas:  Write about the activities you did.  Were they interesting?  Were they helpful?  What new vocabulary, phrases or tricks did you learn?

4C - Teen Inventors and their Inventions

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