Thursday, June 22, 2017

3C - Talking points, Business of Sport

1) Read the article on page 97.
2) Do exercise 8, p. 97 (Matura bzw. Schularbeit Aufgabenstellung)
3) Do exercise 9, p. 97 (write a guided summary)
4) EXTRA: Write what Hannah really said (try to cover all the things in the article, using your own words)
5) Read article on page 98.
6) Do exercise 1 on page 99 (spider chart, TERRIFIC SKILL TO HAVE)
7) Do exercise 2, page 99, Write a summary of the story (no more than 150 words)
8) Do exercise 3, page 99. Write a paragraph saying how Nate’s life turned out.


VOCABULARY (add to if needed)
performance enhancing drugs
spectator sport
score a point/goal
track and field

sports merchandise (hats, shoes, t-shirts, with logo)

ball/motor/water/racquet/cycle/alpine/mental/martial arts/running/aerial/extreme/billiards

BE ABLE TO EXPLAIN THESE AUSTRIAN SPORTS (how it is played, what kind of sport, when you can play it, where you can play it, who plays it)
skiing (downhill, cross-country, ski jumping, snowboarding, ski mountaineering)
Eisstockschiessen (Bavarian curling)


Monday, June 19, 2017

4C - Homework for Tuesday, June 20

1) Finish reading the article on the handout "Trendy Names Make Vegetables Look Tastier"

 2) Do the vocabulary (Synonym Match) and other exercises (Spelling, Phrase Match, etc) on the worksheet

 3) Think of answers to the questions for students A and B

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

1C - Homework for week of June 19

Task 1 - Bring your favorite recipe from home.  We will translate them in class.
Task 2  - Read the story on page 94.  Answer the questions on page 95 (ex. 2, 3).
Task 3 . Write a guided summary (p. 95, ex. 4) in your activity journal
Task 4 - Read the grammar explanation on page 101.

If you want to work ahead, do exercises 9-12 on pages 98-99.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2C - Lehrstoff for Schularbeit, Monday, June 12


Unit 3, Casual Jobs
Unit 4, Neighbors

Unit 5, Communication

Pros and cons of casual jobs
Adjectives to describe yourself
Giving advice
Power tools/Safety
Giving directions
Universal Design
Applying for a “job”
Telephone language
Risks of Wifi
Why do people start blogs
Means of communication
International alphabet

GRAMMAR - Everything you have learned in 1C and first semester 2C PLUS
review past simple and progressive verbs, present perfect simple and progressive
Modal substitutes
Passive voice (all tenses!)

Blog entry

Blog Comment
Telephone dialogue

Ferris Bueller
April the Giraffe

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

3C - Lehrstoff for Schularbeit, Tuesday, May 23

Format:  2 HOURS!


For the writing, you are responsible for all grammar.  Plan your texts to include LINKING WORDS, PASSIVE VOICE, IF-SENTENCES, GERUNDS, INDIRECT STATEMENT, MODALS, etc.  Your text should be as FEHLERFREI as possible.  That means proper grammar, spelling, paragraphs, idiom, and punctuation.

Food Unit (6)
Your Digital Life (7)

Gerunds - Infinitive NEW
Linking words
Indirect speech - NEW
Traveling idioms, idiom of time and place, Saxon genitive
And everything we did 1C - 3C

Food miles
Supermarket vs. Farmers Market
Peak Oil
Food production
Impact of food production on the environment
Social Media
Internet Addiction
Structuring texts and monologues
History of computers
School lunches

Report - NEW!!
Blog Entry
Journal Entry

Stand by Me
Superbowl Advertising

3C - Homework for Tuesday, May 16

Group B:
1) Look online and find answers to the following questions:  What is a flipped classroom?  In what ways is it different from a traditional classroom? Do you think this would be a good experiment in the English lessons?  Why or why not?  Answer in your activity journal or in the comments below!

Group A:
Read the following text, then leave a comment about your experience with activity journals.

Posted by:  Dr. JoJo
English is not just a "Fach in der Schui"!

In the fall semester all of my classes started writing activity journals. I wanted the students to have contact to the language outside of the classroom because in one school year we are lucky to get 60 hours of lessons.  That's really not enough to get students, especiallly the unmotivated ones, to reach Matura level in English.

The idea was simple:  each week, every student had to do an activity in English (you can see the list of ideas here) and had to write a short entry in their activity journal about the activity. I hoped that the students would find something they would enjoy doing in English (watching videos or DVDs, reading about their hobbies, listening to music, practicing English with tourists or in online games, etc.) and learn to love English.  However I didn't think everything through.

First of all, not all of the students took the activity journal seriously.  Some of them didn't do English activities and just wrote about their weekend in English.  These students were practicing writing, but they weren't getting any input.  You know what they say "garbage in - garbage out."  In addition, I didn't have students correct their mistakes.  Instead, I expected them to review the mistakes and stop making them in the future.  But, of course, they are still making the same mistakes that they made the first day.  Finally, some students waited to turn in 10 journal entries at the very end of the semester.  That defeated the point of the exercise:  do an activity, practice writing, get feedback, improve.

In the second semester I changed the formula.  I asked students to write on a given topic in their activity journals.  That way they could practice vocabulary, idioms, grammar, and talking points that we had learned in the lessons.  Moreover I asked the students to correct the entries with a high number of mistakes.  Unsurprisingly, the number of activity journals I received dropped off dramatically.  Only the highly motivated students still do the exercises, and even fewer do the expected corrections.

I wish students could see that English can be fun, and that they could be good at it if they would just spend a few minutes a day doing English activities.  What can I do to motivate my students?  Please leave ideas in the comments!

1C - Cool Project, Tuesday, May 16


Monday, May 15, 2017

2C - Homework assigned May 15

Group B:  Due Monday, May 22

Task 1) Part A:  Read the email on page 59, ex. 2, of Focus on Modern Technology 2.
Task 1) Part B:  Write an email reply (page 60, ex. 5).  Write about 80-100 words in your activity journal.  Follow the instructions on page 60.

Task 2) Part A: Read the text on page 62.
Task 2) Part B:  Do exercises 1, 2, 3 on page 63.
Task 2) Part C:  Learn these talking points!

Group A:  Due Wednesday, May 17

Task 1) Part A:  Read the email on page 59, ex. 2, of Focus on Modern Technology 2.
Task 1) Part B:  Write an email reply (page 60, ex. 5).  Write about 80-100 words in your activity journal.  Follow the instructions on page 60. Follow the instructions on page 60.

4C - Company Presentations Schedule

Group A
Group B
Monday, May 22
Fabian, Michael
Pascal, Daniel
Tuesday, May 23
Ivan, Thomas
Mike, Julian E.
Monday, May 29
Edon, Manuel
Dzenis, Julian S.
Tuesday, May 30??

Monday, June 12
Larissa, Almir
Nick, Vjencislav
Tuesday, June 13
Raphael, Elma
Jürgen, Julian L.
Monday, June 19
Valentin, Tobias
Tuesday, June 20

EXPECTATIONS:  6 – 7 minutes, free-speaking, Pecha Kucha (minimal text on slides).  See content expectations and details on BLOG (

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

4C - Lehrstoff for the Schularbeit, Tuesday, May 16

Format (Two hours):
Listening Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Writing (one or two texts)

We have done Units 5, 6 in the book Focus on Modern Technology.
The topics we have done are:
Climate Change/Global Warming
Carbon Footprint
Peak Oil
Food Miles
Solving the World's energy Crisis
The end of Civilization as we know it
Fake News
Body Modification
Ted Talks
Smart Cars

TEXT TYPES (see page 146ff in Focus on Modern Technology 4/5):
Blog Entry
Blog comment
Journal entry

Grammar that you should start using in your texts:
All tenses of verbs
Indirect speech
Relative and contact clauses
Passive voice
Linking words

Monday, May 8, 2017

4C - Homework for May 9

Write a comment on Computer Nerd's blog (page 78, exercise 6). Write AT LEAST 150 words.  If you turn this assignment in this week, I will give you feedback before the Schularbeit.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

3C - Plan for Week of May 8

For Tuesday, May 9 -
1) read over the Kennzeichen of a report (handout)
2) translate the phrases for introduction, interpreting results, conclusion into German (handout)
3) start thinking about ways to write a report about school lunches (handout)

In Class, Tuesday May 9
- Write reports

For Thursday, May 11
- Turn in completed reports at the beginning of class

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Abend HTL - Lehrstoff for Schularbeit, May 16

Lehrstoff, Schularbeit May 16

Listening comprehension
(Reading Comprehension)

You need to know everything we learned in the first semester PLUS:

Keeping fit (pp. 45-53, Topics and Language in Use)
What’s Cooking (pp. 56-67, Topics and Language in Use)
It’s a Holiday! (pp. 68-78, Topics and Language in Use)

Present continuous (p. 49, Topics and Language in Use; pp. 39-41, Workbook)
Present perfect (p. 64-65, Topics and Language in Use; pp. 51-52, Workbook)
Going to future (p.72, Topics and Language In Use; page 42 Workbook)
Names of people/nationalities, countries, language (p. 70, Topics and Language in Use)
Saxon genitive (pp. 20-21 Workbook)
Place phrases (p. 58 Workbook)
Time phrases (p. 58 Workbook)
Principal parts of verbs (pp. 90-91 workbook)

Blog Entry
Journal Entry

Listening strategies
The Prisoner (What would you do if you woke up in an unknown location?)
Chicago tourism

1C - Lehrstoff for the Schularbeit (May 9 Group B, May 10 Group A)

Format of the Schularbeit (1 hour):
Reading Comprehension

We have done:
Unit 2 (Shopping)
Unit 3 (Home Entertainment)
Unit 4 (Sport and Leisure)
Unit 5 (Keeping in Touch)

All tenses (present simple, present progressive, past simple, past progressive, PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE, PRESENT PERFECT PROGRESSIVE, WILL FUTURE, GOING TO FUTURE)
Modal verbs
Difference between wollen/werden/mögen/möchten
Saxon genitive
place phrases
time phrases
Idioms with go/play/do
For, Since, Ago (when to use them and what they mean in German)

Shopping dialogues
Phone call dialogues
Journal Entry

Merry Christmas Mr Bean
Wizard of Oz
Happy Years
April the Giraffe
Talking about holidays (Christmas/Winter holiday, Semester Holiday, Mardi Gras, etc)
Listening strategies

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

1C - Homework for Week of May 2

For Tuesday /Wednesday, do the following exercises in the book:

1) page 78, exercise 8
2) page 78, exercise 9
3) page 79, exercise 10 in your activity journal!! Write 80-100 words in the proper format.)
(another option:  write an email to your American friend about spring in Austria.  What has the weather been like so far, and what are you looking forward to in the summer?)
4) page 79, read the text "Rise in Street Theft"
5) page 80, exercises 1, 2, 3
6) page 81, exericse 6

(If you want to work ahead, do page 81, exercise 4, 5 and page 82, exercise 7-8.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

4C - Homework for Monday, May 8

1) On your own, read the texts in Unit 6 about global warming (page 78, p. 79, p. 80) and do the accompanying tasks.

2) Be able to describe the greenhouse effect in your own words

3) Turn in outlines for company presentations

Updated May 4, 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017

4C, Group A - Presentations Topics (dates TBA)

Fabian - Sikorsky
Almir - Cool Amphibious Manufacturing International
Valentin - Aston Martin
Elma - Voestalpine Texas
Edon - Roteform Miami
Tobias - Jaguar
Raphael - Tesla
Thomas - John Deere
Manuel - APC
Michael - Boeing
Larissa - General Electric
Ivan - Harley Davidson

4C, Group B - Presentation topics (dates TBA)

Dzenis - Cool Amphibious Manufacturing International
Pascal - Learjet
Daniel - Cessna
Julian E. - John Deere
Jürgen - Aston Martin
Vjencislav - Bentley (what is the difference between a Bentley and a Rolls Royce?)
Mike - Caterpillar
Julian L. - Harley Davidson
Julian S. - Jaguar
Nick - Tesla
Matthias - Sikorsky

4C - Outline for Company Presentations

1.       Description of the company
a.        What do they produce?
2.       History and Mission (brief, no more than one minute = 3 slides)
a.        Who?
b.       What?
c.        Where?
d.       When?
3.       Environment and Sustainability
a.        Sourcing of materials
b.       Commitment to the environment (Think sustainability, green energy, CO2/pollution/waste reduction, recycling)
4.       Describe a specific product
a.        What?
b.       Where?
c.        How?
d.       Materials used
e.       Specifications
f.         Significance
5.       World Wide Reputation
a.        Why is this company/product so popular/well-respected?
6.       Job Opportunities
a.        What kind of job opportunities exist for engineers?

b.       Do they have an internship program?

Monday, April 3, 2017

5C - In Class, Monday, April 3

We are practicing DIALOGUES today.  So that everything flows smoothly, follow this guide:

1) Finish NGO topics? / hand in rewrites

2) Get into groups of THREE
 - each student should have a different Diplomproject
 (- each student should have a different NGO)

EACH STUDENT HAS 7-10 minutes to speak and answer questions.  Don't rush through this!

3) Student 1 gives an overview of his Diplomarbeit in English (1-2 minutes)
- Students 2 & 3 listen carefully
- Students 2 & 3 ask questions about the Diplomarbeit in English
- Student 1 should try to answer the questions in English as best he can

4) Student 2 gives an overview of his Diplomarbeit in English (1-2 minutes)
- Students 1 & 3 listen carefully.
- Students 1 & 3 ask questions about the Diplomarbeit in English
- Student 2 should try to answer the questions in English as best he can

5)  Student 3 gives an overview of his Diplomarbeit in English (1-2 minutes)
- Students 1 & 2 listen carefully.
- Students 1 & 2 ask questions about the Diplomarbeit in English
- Student 3 should try to answer the questions in English as best he can

STUDENTS WHO NEED/WANT TO PRESENT THEIR DIPLOMARBEIT TO DR JO-JO can leave their group at any time and do what needs to be done.  Do not wait until the last minute!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Abend HTL - Homework for Tuesday, April 4

REMEMBER:  We meet in the 2. and 3. lessons on April 4.  You have Fr. Prof. Fasser in the 1. lesson!

For English:  You received brochures about Chicago last week.  You will do short presentations about the city.  

Do some research on your activity (attraction, tour).  Use the brochure and the Internet. Do your research IN ENGLISH!

In your presentation you should include:
·                     where in Chicago the attraction is located (or where you meet for the tour)
·                     how to get there from the Chicago Essex Inn (bus, “L”, train, taxi, by foot)
·                     when is the attraction open (when do the tours operate)?
·                     how much do tickets cost?
·                     is there a reduction for students or groups?
·                     short history of the attraction / tour
·                     what can you do/see at this attraction / what can you see on the tour? (this should be the                 longest part of your presentation - include lots of details)
·                     are there special events? when? do they cost extra?
·                     are there any other attractions close by?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

1C - Homework for Week of April 3

Group B:

Task 1:  Do "Do You Remember?" on pages 71-74 (remember, you are testing yourself, not just looking up the answers in the back of the book!)

Group A: 

Task 1:  Do "Do You Remember?" on pages 71-74 (remember, you are testing yourself, not just looking up the answers in the back of the book!)

Task 2:  Look over the class rules:  There will be a quiz using modal verbs.

3C - Homework for Thursday, March 30

Task 1) Fill out the survey on page 85 and send a copy of it to the WhatsApp group.

Task 2) Watch this video.  Snapchat didn't exist in the 1990s, but if it had existed, this is exactly what you would have had to do to share pictures!  

4C - Choosing a company for presentation

After the Schularbeit in May, we will have presentations.  First you need to pick a company.  See this list: and let me know what company you want to present (send me a WhatsApp!).

I will give you a sample outline. You should prepare an outline on your company for Tuesday, April 25. Then we will talk about the format of the presentation (Pecha Kucha, 6-7 minutes).

4C - Companies for Presentation


These companies are leaders in the field of technology and manufacturing.  In your PRESENTATION your should talk about the company, its mission, its relationship to the environment  and discuss in detail AT LEAST ONE product that the company produces (include manufacturing, materials, specifics, reputation, etc.)

You will turn in an outline of your presentation to me for feedback by Monday, April 24 (see example). We will begin presentations the week after the Schularbeit, 2-3 per lesson throughout the semester.  Length:  5-7 minutes

Let me know which company you select. If you have another idea of a company that has information available on the web in English, please see me!

Can-Am                                                        Nitro USA
John Deere                                                     Boeing
Rockwell Collins                                           Smith and Wesson
Harley Davidson                                            Caterpillar
Delorean                                                       Voestalpine Texas
Aston Martin                                                Joy Global Underground Mining
Schaefer Systems International                       Cessna
General Electric                                            GE Aviation
Learjet                                                          ThyssenKrupp
Sikorsky                                                        Peterbilt
Jaguar                                   CAMI (Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Abend HTL - In Class, Tuesday, March 28

Do some research on your city (brochure, Internet). Do your research IN ENGLISH!

In your presentation you should include:

·                     where in Chicago the attraction is located
·                     how to get there from the Chicago Essex Inn (bus, “L”, train, taxi, by foot, Segway, helicopter, bicycle))
·                     when is the attraction open?
·                     how much do tickets cost?
·                     is there a reduction for students or groups?
·                     short history of the attraction
·                     what can you do/see at this attraction? (this should be the longest part of your
 presentation - include lots of details)
·                     are there special events? when? do they cost extra?
·                     are there any other attractions close by?

Monday, March 27, 2017

4C - Homework for Tuesday, March 28

Bring the handouts you received on Monday to class.  We will be using them again!

Abend HTL -Homework for Tuesday, March 28

Task 1)  Read Outback Adventure (handout)
Task 2) Do the exercises (Reading comprehension, vocabulary)
Task 3) in your activity journal, write a story to go with the comic

N.B.  I posted this late - sorry about that!  Bring the text you received last week (Outback Adventure) to class.  We'll work on it together if you haven't finished the assignment :-)

2C - Homework assigned Monday, March 27

Task 1) Finish "Do You Remember?" pages 56-57 (remember, you are testing yourself, not just looking up the answers in the back of the book!)

Task 2) Using the letter you received in class as a model, write a letter to a British or American company, asking them if they would be willing to offer internships abroad for Austrian students.

In your letter you should:

  • explain the importance of internships at the HTL
  • discuss the qualifications the students have/need
  • give reasons why the company would benefit from cooperation with HTL students
Use proper format and English. Write about 150-200 words.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Abend HTL - Homework for Tuesday, March 21

Task 1)  We introduced the future tense last Tuesday.  In your WORKBOOK, read pp. 81-82 (Explanation in German) then prepare answers to the questions:
a) Where are you going to spend your next holidays?
b) Are you going to travel in a group, with a partner, or by yourself?
c) Where are you going to stay?
d)  What are you going to do there?

Task 2) Read the two texts on page 71. They describe what you can see as a tourist in Australia and (spoiler alert!) London.

Task 2) Activity Journal
Last week you wrote about a place you would like to visit.  Now find an English tourism video on YouTube (should be at least 3 minutes!) about that place and write a 100 word entry about what you can see and do in this place. Use the texts on page 71 as a model. Include the video address in your journal (If you need help finding a good video, let me know!)

If you want to work ahead, take a look at this video about tourism in Australia:

4C - Homework for Week of March 20

Let's slow down a little bit.

You have read the article about Smart Cars on pages 92-93 of Focus on Modern Technology.  And you should write a comment on this article (see the task 3 on page 93).  But do you feel like you have enough information to write a good comment? No?

Here's a nice video about the future of transportation.  It might give you ideas about what the future without gridlock will look like.  So for Monday, March 20, simply watch this video. 

Minute 1-6:00 - introduction, personal background of the speaker, and why he is an expert.
Minute 6-11:00 - Statistics about cars in the future.  Some solutions for gridlock around the world.
Minute 11-14:00 - Cars that talk to each other (so-called "Smart Cars")
Minute 14-end:- What we need to make this technology happen

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2C - Homework for Monday, March 20

Group A & B for Monday, March 20

Task 1) read pp. 50-51 in your textbook (FMT 2).

Task 2) Be able to discuss universal design and automatic doors


Write sentences using these words from exercise 2 on page 48.  The meaning of the word should be clear from the sentence (you may use sentences from the book or look up sentences on the internet).

reluctant (to do something)
keen on
proud (of)
ashamed (of)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

1C - Homework for the Week of March 20

Task 1) Write a text about your favorite sport in your activity journal! Write at least 80-100 words.  The text should be as mistake-free as possible.

Include the following information:
What kind of a sport is it? (ball, motor, racquet, water, mountain, extreme, air, shooting, etc)
Is it a summer sport, a winter sport, or can you do it all-year round?
Is it an outdoor sport or an indoor sport?
Is it a team sport or an individual sport?
What equipment do you need to do this sport?
What do you like about this sport?
What is challenging about this sport?
Is it a physical sport or a mental sport?
Does this sport help keep you fit?

Task 2) Do exercises 5, 6, and 7 in your textbook (Future tense.  If you need help, see page 68).

Monday, March 13, 2017

2C - Homework assigned Monday, March 13

Group A for Wednesday, March 15:

Task 1) Finish the reading and Exercise 1 on page 47-48 (FMT 2)

Task 2) Do the vocabulary exercise (exercise 2) on page 48

Task 3) Then do exercise 3 on page 48 in your book (what would you write in your diary if you were Ranjit?)

Group B for Monday, March 20

Task 1) read pp. 50-51 in your textbook (FMT 2).

Task 2) Be able to discuss universal design and automatic doors

4C - Homework for Tuesday, March 14 (Pi Day!)

Read the article on pages 92-93 in FMT 3 (Smart Cars)

In class (March 14) we will work together on writing a comment.

5C - Lehrstoff für SA (Monday, March 20, 2 hours)

Think of this as a "mini-Matura."

There will be a listening, a reading, and a writing section.

Text types:
Letter/email (new! letter of complaint)
Blog entry/blog comment
Brochure (New!)

We have done the following topics since the last SA: surveillance society (unit 3, FMT 4/5). internet of things, food production,food miles, peak oil.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Relevant to your interests - Week of March 13

Strawberries and these other foods have the most pesticides (3C, 4C, 5C)
Small dietary changes could bring big environmental gains (3C, 4C, 5C)

April the Giraffe - 1C, 2C. 3C. 4C, 5C

5C - Homework for Thursday, March 16

For Thursday, March 16, you should give Dr. Sandrock two things:

1) a copy of your English abstract for the Diplomarbeit

2) a brochure (leaflet) describing your Diplomarbeit

For your brochure you should have a TITLE, and the following sections:

Overview of the project:
What did you do?  Try to sum up what the problem was, how you approached it, and what the result was.

Project team:
Names of team members, what their individual responsibilities were

Project partners
Names of supervisor(s), company

Importance of the project:
What contribution has your project team made that has helped the company or to technology in general?

ABEND HTL - Homework for Tuesday, March 14

Task 1) Do the vocabulary exercises for the Unit on Travel and Tourism (pp. 69-70 in your Topics and Language in Use book).
Task 2) Reinforce the vocabulary by doing the exercise on page 77.

Task 3) In your Activity Journal,
a) write a paragraph (Absatz) about a memorable place you've visited (use past tense).  Use lots of details:  when did you go there, who did you go with, where did you go, how did you get there, where did you stay, what did you do, what did you like about it?

b) Then write another paragraph (Absatz) about a place you want to (wollen) or would like to (möchten) visit.  Why do you want to go there?  Watch a video in English about this place and include the link in your entry!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

3C - Homework for Week of March 13

For March 14 (Pi Day!)
Look again at the materials we have worked on for food miles/peak oil.  We will do a short exercise in class to see how well you know your vocabulary!

For March 16
On Thursday, March 9, we looked at a monologue task. We looked at how to add examples and connect ideas.  For Thursday, March 16, write out this same task as a blog entry.  Use linking words and at least 1 passive verb, 1 modal verb, 1 gerund, 1 comparative, and 1 if-sentence.   Write about 200-250 words in your Activity Journal.  This should be as mistake-free as possible!

·         explain what “food miles” are and why people should know about them (Graphic 1)
·         give reasons why people prefer to shop at supermarkets
·         discuss the other aspects of food production that impact the environment (graphic  2)
·         suggest ways that people can reduce their food miles and help reduce CO2 emissions (Graphic   2)

Graphic 1

Graphic 2