Thursday, September 21, 2017

5C - Homework for Wednesday, September 27

Task 1)  Work up talking points about hurricanes and global warming.  Be prepared to give a monologue about hurricanes. Answer questions like: How are they formed,  where they form, when they form, what are the consequences of a hurricane (human toll, property damage, infrastructure, etc), where is the most dangerous place to be in a hurricane and why? why is global warming a concern for the future of hurricanes? Include enough details to talk for 3-4 minutes. Remember, all speaking is story-telling!

(And everything you read or watch is input!

Task 2) Students should take the initiative and rewrite their blog entries (this time for Extra Credit!).  Hand in the original and a correction on LINED PAPER with KORREKTURRAND.  Turn in on Wednesday, September 27.

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