Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Activity - How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Here's a link to the Christmas classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Watch it and write about it in your English Activity Journal.


Write a summary of the story
Why do you think the Grinch has such a bad attitude towards Christmas?  Write his back story!
Who is your favorite character and why?
Is Christmas an important holiday in your family? How does your family celebrate?
Compare your Christmas feast with the Grinch's.
BONUS:  Draw a Seussian toy!

1C - In class, Tuesday, December 20


Write a summary in your activity journal about how your family celebrates Christmas and/or compare Austrian Christmas with Christmas in the UK.  Write in the present tense (routine) and use linking words:  First, then, next, after that, although, since/because, when/while, furthermore, in addition, however, finally/last but not least.

You should write more than 50 words!

If your family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, write a summary of Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean in the present tense using linking words.

Monday, December 12, 2016

9C - Lehrstoff for Schularbeit, Monday, December 19

FORMAT - 2 hours
Listening comprehension
Reading comprehension

* Health and Nutrition (we reviewed talking points first week of class, see also Symposium)
* Tourism (Unit 5, FMT 4/5 plus handouts; social, cultural, economic, environmental effects of tourism; industries involved in tourism; importance of tourism for Austria, ecotourism)
* Advertising (Unit 1, in FMT 4/5, plus AIDA, guerilla advertising, different types of advertising, marketing to young people)

We reviewed the tenses, formation and uses.  Now put them into practice!
Reviewed parts of speech

email, letter
report (we reviewed this!)
editing a text (we practiced this!)
blog entry
blog comment

alcohol, smoking, sports, guerilla marketing

EXTRAS (Count as Lehrstoff)
Classroom English, English Activity Journal, water crisis (monologue, text about Potomac River), Language week (report), Munich, Matura stress/attitude towards school, US election, Big Rocks,

Thursday, December 8, 2016

2C - Homework for Monday, December 12

For Monday, December 19:

1) Find a blog with interesting articles.  Leave the URL in the comments below!

2) Be able to talk about Wien Woche:  Everyone should be able to talk for TWO minutes about
* the transportation to Vienna (Hinreise)
* the accommodations (Unterkunft)
* the food
* activities and excursions
* free time
* the trip home
* What was your favorite part of the week and why?

Extra points for talking about Christmas Markets, and how you used English in Vienna.

1C - Homework for Week of December 12

1) Bring your Schularbeit to class. Frau Professor Sandrock will archive them for the Bundesministerium.

2) Look at the shopping dialogues pages 32-33 of Focus on Modern Technology 1.  Prepare to use these phrases in the lesson on Tuesday, December 13 and Wednesday, December 14.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Abend HTL - Homework for Tuesday, December 6

1) keep writing in your activity journals!
2) Look at the vocabulary for Unit 4 (Keeping Fit, p. 46-47)

Activity - The Automator

Y'all know that I love the site MentalFloss.  But today I saw the tab called "The Automator."

"That sounds like something for my students, especially my Abend HTL class which is studying automation technology," I said to myself.

So if you need something technical to read about in English for your English activity journal (or just for fun!), here's the link which gives you a list of fascinating MentalFloss's science articles: http://mentalfloss.com/section/theautomator

Have fun browsing!! (I suggest starting here:  http://mentalfloss.com/article/88813/10-surprising-ways-robots-can-make-your-life-easier)

Saturday, December 3, 2016

3C - Homework for Tuesday, December 6

For Tuesday, December 6, you should prepare a monologue about a technology diet (see handout from Thursday).  At least four students in each group will give a presentation.

Your presentation will be evaluated on
Task achievement (Erfüllung der Aufgabenstellung)
Free speaking
Language Range (Spektrum der gesprochenen Sprache)
Language Accuracy (Sprachrichtigkeit)

9C - Homework for Monday, December 5

1) There's a reading test.  You can practice for it by doing some of the Reading Exams in "Going for Finals" (the green book you got at the beginning of this year - it has the answers in the back to check your reading comprehension) or in Focus on Modern Technology 4/5 (I think there are also answers in the back of the book for Exam Training/Practices Exams),

2) Manuel K and Klemens have a symposium.

3) What does the "Internet of Things" mean to you?  Look up some examples on the Internet and be able to describe an example of this kind of technology.

4) You should have at least 9 entries in your activity journal.  If you have less than five, you probably should think about doing some English activities and writing about them.  It would be a shame if you got an F for Mitarbeit.

5) A lot of you didn't write a report.  That's too bad. Not only are you losing points, but I'm also not sure how you think you're going to pass the Schularbeit much less the written Matura on chutzpah alone.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Activity - Thermoforming Videos

Computational Thermoforming

Direct Print Thermoforming:

Two different ways of creating 3D images.  The first video comes from a team in Zürich. 
Note how good his English is!

Do you do 3D printing at the HTL? 
What kind of plastic manufacturing do you do in workshop?
Make a list of helpful vocabulary that you learned from watching the videos?
Make a list of the number of passive verbs that are used.  That's because instructional videos frequently use passive to get their point across.  
Describe in your own words the process of making computational thermoforms.
Compare the techniques used in the two different videos.
What kind of objects do you think this technology could be used for?

3C - Lehrstoff for the SA, Tuesday, December 13

Reading Comprehension

Sportwoche presentations,  stereotypes, prejudice, universal design, accommodations (Anpassungen), automatic doors, giving directions, dangers of the internet/internet addiction, how to edit a text

verb revision (all tenses, active and passive, positive, negative, questions)
Modal substitutes
Do You Remember (p. 56-57

Blog entry
Journal entry

EXTRAS (also counts as Lehrstoff):  English activity journals, smoking monologue, English skills, Thanksgiving, Rube Goldberg machines,

Completed 12/1/2016

4C - Homework for Wednesday, May 16

So... let's do this: 1) EVERYONE should do the homework from Monday ( http://ennsvalleyenglish.blogspot.co.at/2018/05/4c-homework-for-...