Tuesday, November 28, 2017

9C - Homework for Thursday, November 30

Start learning the vocabulary for jobs in Trauner (p. 345, 346).  Don't just learn the words, try to use them in sentences (even better, think of words that are connected:  to achieve, achievement, over-achiever, under-achieving.  "My greatest achievement was writing a PhD thesis.  I was never an over-achiever, but achieving a doctorate showed my high school guidance counselor that I wasn't the under-achieving slacker he thought I was."

Start thinking about your dream job (What sort of education do you need for it?  Where do you want to work? What are your skills (Do you need English 😉?  What do you need to improve?  How much money can you make? How much stress is involved?  Is it more important to have a job you love or a job that pays the bills so you can have free time to live your life?)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

7C - Lehrstoff, Schularbeit, Tuesday, December 5

7C – Lehrstoff for Schularbeit, Tuesday, December 5

Unit 2: Classroom Revolution Focus on Modern Technology 3
Unit 6: The Future is Green FMT 3
Unit 1 (Addiction and Dependence) Trauner
Unit 3 (Energy and Climate) Trauner
Unit 8 (Robots, pp. 144-147) Trauner

FORMAT:  2 hours
Listening comprehension
Reading comprehension

Word Formation
Writing section

Blog comment
Blog entry

Hurricanes (causes, connection to global warming, consequences)
Greenhouse Effect
Global warming/Climate change consequences for Austria
Addictions (reasons people get addicted, types of addictions, consequences, treatment)
Types of drugs (hard drugs, soft drugs, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, opiates, psychedelic, legal/illegal, socially acceptable)
Alcohol (causes, effects, consequences),
Teaching English without Teaching English (TED Talk)
Better Communication is worth your time (article)
Virtual education
Robots/Artificial Intelligence Jobs we'll lose to machines (TED Talk)
This Virtual Lab will Revolutionize Science Class (TED Talk)
EXTRAS:  Friday the 13th, hazing, War Games

Tenses (correctly)
Passive voice
If clauses
Indirect Speech
Modal Verbs
Linking words

3C - Lehrstoff for the Schularbeit, Monday, December 4

Module 1, 2, 3 – Best Shots 2


Email/Letter (NEW! Letter to the editor)
NEW! Article
Blog Entry
Blog Comment

GRAMMAR – (You will also be expected to use these in your text)
NEW! Passive voice (all tenses)
NEW! Past perfect tense
NEW! If-Sentences (aka conditionals aka BedingungssÀtze)
You should know the other tenses (present simple, present progressive, past simple, past progressive, present perfect, going to future, will-future) in the positive, negative, and question forms
Difference between say/speak/tell/talk

Returning to school
Stress (causes, symptoms, ways of coping with stress, Big Rocks)
Holidays (types, comparing different types of holidays)
Musical genres
Hearing Loss
Noise in the classroom
Sound waves
The Beatles
Environment (student attitudes, green tips, plastic bottles, fossil fuels, renewable energies)
EXTRAS: Friday the 13th

Saturday, November 25, 2017

9C - Homework for Monday, November 27

For Monday, November 27 you should:

1) Look up information on current events to talk about on Monday
(lots of things going on in the world... sexual harassment, mosque attacks, Trump claiming he is Time's Person of the Year, a lost Argentinian submarine, Saudi Arabia and Iran, new government in Zimbabwe, Charles Manson died, and then there's this guy who wants to prove the Earth is flat.)

Black Friday / Cyber Monday

A Blog Post by Dr. JoJo

Every year on the fourth Thursday in November, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving (Erntedankfest). In 2017, 51 million people traveled across the United States to celebrate this important holiday with their families.  The standard meal is turkey with all the fixins (Puten mit jeder Menge Beilagen), including stuffing (FĂŒllung), cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie. After we have eaten, we watch hours of American football on television then fall into a food coma.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is called "Black Friday." Perhaps you've heard about the crazy sales at the shopping malls on this day.  The malls open their doors at midnight and millions (101 million in 2016) go shopping for Christmas presents.  This day is called "Black" Friday, because it is a chance for shops to increase their profit (Gewinnsteigerung) for the year.  A profit (Gewinn) means that the shops are "in the black" (in den schwarzen Zahlen).  If they are in the red (in den roten Zahlen) it means the shops have lost money for the year.

The Monday after Thanksgiving is called Cyber Monday, and it is another important shopping day.  On the weekend, people learned how much televisions, computers, and other high-priced items cost in the shops.  On Cyber Monday people try to find those same products on the internet for a cheaper price.  Cyber (pronounced SEI-ber) is a term that means computer (think of cyber crime, cyber bullying, cybernaut).

And now you know about as much about Black Friday / Cyber Monday as I do!  If you read this, please leave a comment below!  I love hearing from my students!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

7C - Homework for Friday, November 24

Task 1) Read Virtual Eve, p. 23-24 (Focus on Modern Technology 3)
Task 2) answer the questions (ex 2, p. 24 ) to produce a summary
Task 3) page 25, write a short story about the comic using phrases in the word bank
Task 4) p. 26, need to review the passive voice?  Try ex 6!
Task 5) TRAUNER, p. 144, learn the vocabulary for robots

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

3C - Homework for Monday, November 27

Task 1) Finish the article about your environmental protection study.  Here's what we have so far...
You should have about 200 words (+/- 10%)

Have you ever thought about how important it is to protect the environment? A study by the second form shows that most students at the HTL Trieben do not care much about the environment.  We look into a few attitudes and suggest some ideas to become more green.

BULLET POINT 1 (Summarize the main findings of your project)
Most students take public transportation to get to school, because it is impractical to walk if you don’t live in Trieben.  But vehicles like buses put a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere, which isn't good for our environment.  Students also... (Dr. Sandrock suggests two more concerns:  Students don't use refillable water bottles and students don't care how much water they use when brushing their teeth)

BULLET POINT 2 (Comment on your peers environmental attitudes)

BULLET POINT 3 (Give suggestions what teenagers can do to protect the environment)

CONCLUSION (Give your readers something to think about - see the language box on page 32)

1C - Homework for Tuesday, November 28

Look over the vocabulary for shopping in Unit 2, Focus on Modern Technology 1 (pp. 31-33).

We will do shopping dialogues in the lesson on Tuesday!

Monday, November 20, 2017

9C - In Class, November 20

Give a monologue of at least 3 minutes on one of the following topics.

What were your impressions of Munich as a tourist?  What are your best recommendations for a tourist to the city?  Places to stay, places to eat, attractions, etc.

What did you think of the HofbrĂ€uhaus?  Is it representative of German culture or is it just for tourists?  Give reasons for your assessment.

Did you notice any environmentally-friendly practices in your hotel?  What would you recommend to the owners to make it a more eco-friendly stay?

Sunday, November 19, 2017

9C - Homework for Monday, November 20

Task 1)  Bring your Focus on Modern Technology 4/5 book to class!

Task 2) Find information about the consequences of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria (here's a good link! https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/11/10/hurricane-maria-puerto-rico-seven-weeks-later-survival-mode/851084001/)

Task 3) Don't forget your journal entries from Munich - Dzenis (2), Julian S. (2), Edon (2), Larissa (2), Ivan (2), JĂŒrgen (1), Daniel (1)

Saturday, November 18, 2017

7C - Homework for Tuesday, November 21

Task 1)  Don't forget to bring your permission slip (signed by a parent or guardian) for Galway (bring your registration sheet, too, if you have it filled out1).

Task 2) Look up the consequences of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico (here's a good link! https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/11/10/hurricane-maria-puerto-rico-seven-weeks-later-survival-mode/851084001/)

Task 3) Bring your Focus on Modern Technology 3 book.  We're really going to finish Unit 2 before the Schularbeit!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Abend HTL - Lehrstoff for the SA on Thursday, November 30

FORMAT:  more than one hour, less than two hours

Listening comprehension (HörverstÀndnis)
Reading Comprehension (LeseverstÀndnis)
Writing section

How to give a presentation
Hurricanes (formation, connection to global warming, consequences)
Global warming/greenhouse effect
Mass communication (television, newspapers, etc)
Teaching English without Teaching English

NEW:  Article!
blog entry
blog comment

If clauses
Linking words

9C - Homework for Monday, November 20

Let's finish up the topic of tourism/ecotourism.


Start with a basic video about ecotourism.  There are LOTS of them on the internet.  Here's one that's nice and short, but if you find a better one, leave me a link in the comments!

Here are some websites that you might find interesting:
Top 10 Australian eco tourism destinations: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/top-10-australian-ecotourism-d-151991
Ten of the most Eco Friendly Destinations in North America:  https://www.salon.com/2016/05/22/10_of_the_most_eco_friendly_destinations_in_north_america_partner/ (with videos!)

5C - "Homework" for Monday, November 20

You can start practicing for the Schularbeit by doing exercises in your Going For Finals book.  Try to do a variety of test types.  I will recommend some good ones at your level.  You can also practice word formation!  There's a good overview of word formation at this link and you can practice  this link (start with the Elementary exercises and work your way up to Advanced).

Also, you should rewrite your articles.
1) If you did NOT write an article about shopping in supermarkets, write your DOWN DRAFT.
2) If you DID write an article about shopping in supermarkets, write your UP DRAFT.

Dr. Sandrock will be at school on Thursday, November 16 and she will be happy to meet with any students at 12:10 (Freistunde) or after school at 16:35 (ha, ha, what a joke, right!!) to help you with your rewrites!

3C -Homework for Monday, November 20

For Monday, November 20

TASK 1) We will repeat the Verb Revision over past perfect tense (including Type 3 conditionals) and the passive voice.  You can take the Verb Revision again to get a better grade.

Look over your handouts and exercises from the past few weeks.  If you want extra practice you can use your Essentials Grammar in Use (Units 22-23, Units 99-100) or do exercises at Ego4U (Passive: https://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/passive, Past Perfect https://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/past-perfect-simple

TASK 2)  Look over pages 36-37 (the difference between say, speak, talk, and tell).  Do exercise 2 on page 37. 

1C - Homework for Tuesday, November 21

Group A & B:  You have already read the text on page 34 once (looking for past simple verbs).

1) Now read the text again.
2) On page 35, do exercises 1 (writing a summary), 2a and 2b (vocabulary).
3) On page 36, do exercises 3 (using the simple past) and exercise 4 (asking and answering questions in the simple past).
4) Start memorizing verbs on the irregular verb list.  You will need them for the Schularbeit!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

7C - Homework for Friday, November 17 (aka "Killing Two Birds With One Stone")

On Friday, November 17, we will have a "listening comprehension" quiz.  You can't really study for it, but you can prepare by watching videos and listening to radio, podcasts, etc. The quiz will take about 15 minutes.

TASK) Watch these two TED Talks.  We will talk about them before the quiz.  

Mind you, this is the ONLY homework you have to do.  Together the videos are 15 minutes.  If you watch them twice, that is 30 minutes.  If you watch them 3 times, that's 45 minutes.  Any time you put into watching the videos should help with vocabulary and talking points for this unit.  You will be prepared to discuss in class.   PLUS, you are getting practice with listening comprehension.


Monday, November 13, 2017

3C - Homework for Thursday, November 16

For Thursday, November 16

Task 1) Review the vocabulary on pages 30-31

Task 2) Add to your vocabulary the words on page 33 (Ex. 1)

Task 3) Reread the article on pages 31-32 and be ready to talk about "writing articles"

Sunday, November 12, 2017

5C - Lehrstoff for the SA on Tuesday, November 21


Reading comprehension
Listening comprehension
A word formation exercise
Writing task(s) including article

TOPICS we've covered:
Hurricanes (formation, connection to global warming, consequences)
Sport Week
Austrian educational weeks (Vienna Week, Sport Week, Language Week)
Healthy and unhealthy diets
Food miles
Dumpster diving
Fad diets
pros and cons of shopping at the supermarket
pros and cons of shopping at farmer's markets
environmental footprint of a loaf of bread

TEXT  TYPES you should know
Article (NEW!)
Blog entry
Blog comment

GRAMMAR you should use in your texts
Gerund (NEW!)
If clauses
Linking words

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Abend HTL - Homework for Thursday, November 16

For Thursday, November 16, think about the statement:

"Foreign language cannot be taught.  It must be learned."

Do you agree?  Do you disagree?  Why?

Write an article on this topic.  Be sure to include examples (use your own experience).  You may use some of the information from the video we watched in class:

Put your ideas down on paper first.  You'll get your activity journals back on Monday (or Tuesday) and you can write your second draft in the activity journal. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

7C - Homework for Tuesday, November 14

Task 1:  Finish the worksheet you got in class on Friday.  Here is the video:

Task 2:  Be prepared to talk about the video, the article we read last week, and to discuss this statement:

"Foreign language cannot be taught.  It must be learned."  

Do you agree or disagree?  Give specific reasons for your answer.  Be prepared to defend your position!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

1C - Schularbeit, November 29 (Group A), December 1 (Group B)

FORMAT - 1 hour
Reading comprehension
Grammar and Vocabulary

Stoff:  everything in Chapters 0, 1, 2  

school subjects
basic information about yourself
types of engineers
types of houses and homes 
rooms in a house
your dream home
basic shopping vocabulary
shoplifting and consequences

word order
principal parts of verbs
imperative verbs (Befehlsform) positive and negative
present simple verbs (positive statements, negative statements, questions)
present progressive verbs (positive statements, negative statements, questions)
past simple verbs (positive statements, negative statements, questions)

Summary of a text
letter of apology

3C - Homework for Monday, November 13

We will have a VERB REVISION over passive voice (all tenses) and past perfect tense Iincluding Type 3 if-sentences).  Look over your handouts and exercises from the past few weeks.  If you want extra practice you can use your Essentials Grammar in Use (Units 22-23, Units 99-100) or do exercises at Ego4U (Passive: https://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/passive, Past Perfect https://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/grammar/past-perfect-simple

1C - Homework for November 15/17

HW for November 15 bzw. 17:  
Task 1) Read page 42 in Focus on Modern Technology 1 (Past simple tense)
Task 2) Mark all of the PAST SIMPLE verbs in the text on page 34 (ex. B)
Task 3) Start memorize the irregular verbs (Handout). You will need them for the Schularbeit!

1C - Homework for Tuesday, November 14

For Tuesday, November 14 we will have a VERB REVISION (#1)

You should be able to:
- form imperatives (Befehlsform) in the positive and negative
- form sentences with the present simple (positive, negative, question)
- know the signal words for the present simple
- form sentences with the present progressive (positive, negative, question)
- know the signal words for the present simple

You can practice by doing the exercises on page 24 (Ex. 7, 8, 9), page 26 (Ex. 1), page 27 (Ex. 2b), page 31 (Ex. 1).

7C - homework for Friday, November 10

For November 10,

Task 1) Finish the article we started in class on Tuesday (Here's an online version:  http://www.nickwestergaard.com/communication-worth-your-time/)

Task 2) Be able to talk about this article, using some of the new vocabulary. Be able to apply the advice in the article to your own English lessons.

1C - Homework for Wednesday, November 8/Friday November 10

Group A:  Wednesday, November 8
Group B:  Friday, November 10

Task 1)  Fill out exercise 5 on page 22 (we will check the answers in class!)
Task 2) Study the vocabulary of tools on page 25-26 (Ex. 1 & 2)
Task 3)  Read the text on page 26 (Ex. 3) and answer the questions on page 27.

LOOKING AHEAD:  Verb Revision 1 (imperative, present simple, present progressive, positive, negative, question forms, signal words) on Tuesday, November 14

Monday, November 6, 2017

3C - Homework for Wednesday, November 8

Start Unit 3 -

Task 1) Do the vocabulary exercises on pages 30-31 (1, 2, 3)
Task 2) Read the article on pp. 31-32 and answer the questions at the end

5C - November 6-7, In class

You will have time today and tomorrow to gather information about fad diets, and present the diets in groups in the lesson tomorrow.  

Situation:  Your group is presenting your diet at an international wellness conference for young adults.

In your presentation your group should:
* greet your audience
* introduce your team
* introduce your diet
* explain the philosophy behind the diet (why is THIS diet better than any other?)
* describe how this diet will help people lose weight/live healthy 
* compare this diet with a regular balanced diet and exercise - are any lifestyle changes necessary?
* point out the advantages and disadvantages of the diet

* give the audience idea of the foods you can eat on this diet (a sample menu is helpful!)
* tell your audience about the reputation/success rate of the diet (do people gain weight back after they stop? do they have health problems when they are on the diet?
* sum up the pros and cons of the diet
* ask your audience if they have questions

Each student will present at least 2-3 minutes of well-organized, thoughtful information (total for group 10 minutes).  That means use good examples, use good vocabulary and grammar, be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the diet, be able to tell success and horror stories.  

10 Most Famous Fad Diets of All Time (with links to descriptions and sample menus in English)

What is the philosophy behind the diet?
What foods are allowed on the diet?
What foods are not allowed on the diet?
What do breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks look like on this diet? 
What is the reputation of the diet?
What are the advantages of the diet?
What are the disadvantages of the diet?
Are lifestyle changes part of the diet, e.g. exercise?
Give an example of a success story-
Give an example of a bad experience with the diet.

Friday, November 3, 2017

9C - Homework for November 16

In Munich you will be tourists!  Take your English activity journal with you and write about your experiences.  But do it on a level that shows you are ready for Matura.  Each entry should be well-organized (paragraphs, linking words), thoughtful, well-written (grammar, tenses, vocabulary), with plenty of Matura language (passive verbs, if-sentences, indirect speech, comparisons, gerunds, etc). 

Since this assignment covers two weeks of missed lessons, you should do at least two of the following and write at least 250 words for each (500 word minimum!)  Concentrate on quality, not quantity.  Remember, good writing takes time. 

Here are some ideas to get you started (CHOOSE AT LEAST TWO TO WRITE ABOUT)
Whatever you write, make sure your audience (Dr. JoJo) is fully informed.  Use the guideline Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? And use plenty of details and examples (remember the rule of 3!)

2    1) Write a review of the HofbrĂ€uhaus.  Write about the food and drink, the atmosphere, the friendliness of the waitstaff, the cleanliness of the restrooms, the price, the music, the behavior of the other guests, and anything else you think is important.  Above all, consider whether the experience is “authentic” German culture, or is it “just for the tourists”? 

     2)    Write about an English experience in Munich (you will have the opportunity to meet with people from all over the world – not all of them will be able to speak German).  Go out and MEET SOMEONE!  Write a detailed journal entry about an extended conversation you had with a tourist/exchange student/factory employee. Was it a good experience?  What did you notice about his/her English?  What did you notice about your own English abilities?

4   3)  Suggest a program in Munich for next year’s senior trip.  What should students absolutely see?  What could they easily do without?  What else would you include on the program?  What would you do differently?  What did you find most valuable and why? 

5    4)  Write an article for an international teen magazine about education weeks in Austria.  Consider the following:  Students go on Vienna Week in the second form, Sport Week in the third form, ideally Language Week in the fourth form and Munich Week in the fifth form. Why is it so important for students to participate in these activities during their school years?  What do they learn that they can use in the future?  How do these experiences enrich (bereichern) your life?

6   5) Write a complaint letter about something that didn’t go right on your Munich week (perhaps your accommodations weren’t environmentally friendly!  Or you had bad accommodations, bad food, a bad experience that you can hold someone else accountable for).
LANGUAGE:  Formal English
FORMAT:  Formal letter/formal e-mail (salutation, complimentary close, signature)
INTRODUCTION:  Start by giving the provider a compliment (“you catch more flies with honey”)
BODY 1:  Explain what the problem was in detail
BODY 2:  Explain why this was a problem for you personally
BODY 3:  Suggest ways in which the provider might make amends (most complaints can be resolved by simply bringing it to the attention of the provider.  You shouldn’t call out your lawyer because the milk at breakfast was spoiled, and spoiled milk does not entitle you to a full refund of your stay!
CONCLUSION:  Indicate that you expect a timely follow-up


7C - Homework for Tuesday, November 7

For Tuesday, November 7

Find your copy of Focus On Modern Technology 3 (the magenta textbook).  If you can't find it, here's a link to it online:  http://www.veritas.at/sbo/ebook/px/30834/files/assets/basic-html/page22.html  We will pick up with "Classroom Revolution", Chapter 2.

3C - Homework for Monday, November 6

For Monday, November 6

There is a speaking exercise on page 27 (Ex. 3).  Work up talking points for this exercise.  Four to five lucky students will present their views during the lesson on Monday, November 6 (2-3 minutes).

1C (Group B) - Homework for Tuesday, November 7

For Tuesday, November 7

1) Finish the exercises on page 21 (1, 2)
2) Be able to read the email on pages 20-21 aloud (vorlesen, richtig ausgesprochen).  Hinweis:  Use the Oxford Learner's Dictionary to check the pronunciation:  https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/plumber?q=plumber

In class, Monday, December 3