Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Extra Presentation Topics

For extra points, you may give a second presentation (Referat).  Topic ideas are listed below (topics must be cleared with Frau Professor Sandrock – G-rated topics only!).

If you want to give an extra presentation, send an email to frauprofessorsandrock@gmail.com
Presentations should run 3-5 minutes.  Powerpoints/posters are nice!

DATES:         1C – June 15
                     2C – June 11
The most important thing about your presentation is the language
You should speak freely using your own words.  You should speak in full sentences that make sense.  You should know how to pronounce the words you use.  Your presentation should also follow the organization you outline in the introduction.

At the beginning of your presentation, welcome your audience (don’t say “Dear...”)
Then give an overview of the sections that make up your presentation.
For example, if you are teaching the class how to make chocolate chip cookies, your outline may look like this:          
                       Making the batter
                       (and, of course, you should bring a sample for the class!)
At the end of your presentation, say “Thank you” and wait for applause and questions. 

No points given for:  reading your presentation off a piece of paper, reading your presentation off slides, nonsense produced by Google Translate.
Points off for speaking in German, asking the teacher for vocabulary during the presentation, laughing more than you speak. memorizing a text.

If you show a video as part of your presentation, you must turn down the sound and tell the class what we are looking at. 

Describe how ...      to make pizza, lasagne, a sandwich, brownies, Wiener schnitzel, etc
                                       to play baseball, soccer, Uno, bocce, etc
                                       to escape from a Worst Case Scenario (see Sandrock for cards!)
                                       to fix a flat tyre
                                       artificial snow is made
                                       a cd/mp3 player works

Give a review of...  your favorite movie
                                       your favorite TV show
                                       your favorite book (Black Boy, The Outsiders, Frankenstein, etc)
                                       your favorite video game
                                       your favorite restaurant
                                       (remember, a review includes a summary, then you describe 
                                       what you liked and didn’t like. At the end you say whether 
                                       you would recommend it to friends)

Tell us about...             your hobby in detail
                                       your role model/hero
                                       your favorite car manufacturer
                                       your scariest experience
                                       fashion trends

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