Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2HAS - Homework for Monday, February 29

Task 1 - We will have a vocabulary quiz over the words and phrases on page 64 and page 72 (Module 6 in your textbook, Just Go For It 2)  

Task 2 - Do the exercises on page 64 (include this in vocabulary)

Task 3 - Be able to describe what you see in the pictures on page 64.

Task 4 - Find a cool picture to share with the class. Bring it to class with you on Monday.

Task 5 - Write a summary of the film we watched https://vimeo.com/119520956

Task 6 - Answer the questions about your photography habits.

Monday, February 22, 2016

2HAS - Homework for Tuesday, February 23

Learn this vocabulary for our activity on Tuesday.

picture, photo, snapshot
to take a picture/photo/snapshot
to print a picture/photo
to aim a camera
to shoot a camera
to focus
to zoom

And practice describing photos . Here's a nice photo to describe:

What do you see in the picture?
What kind of a building is it?
How big is the building?
What is the weather like?
What are the people doing?

Turm - tower /ˈtaʊər/
Stockwerk - storey
Landschaft - landscape
Berg - mountain

4BHK . Homework for Tuesday, February 23

Watch the Best in Show judging at The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show again:  http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/videos/Best%20In%20Show/2016/pid:4kfXliS8AoNV

Consider the question;  is this a real spectator sport? Why or why not? 

Some of the aspects you might consider: what is sport? advertising, television coverage, money spent, sponsorship, industries involved (travel, tourism, marketing, television, advertising, animal breeding, animal training, animal transport, what else?), how is this competition any different from the Super Bowl?

5AHK - "Lehrstoff" for SA2, Monday, February 29

We have done lessons on linking words, speaking freely, entrepreneurship, business plans, NGOs, how to succeed at the oral Matura, Super Bowl and advertising, current events (NPR), and writing an article.

This SA will be 2 hours, and will include one listening task, one reading task, two writing tasks.  Pretend it is the Matura and get the best grade you can. It is worth 40% of your overall grade this semester.

5AHK - In Class, Monday, February 22

Choose one of the topics for your article

Write an article about the Super Bowl and Advertising
·         Outline the kinds of advertising you can see during the Super Bowl
·         Consider the reasons why companies advertise during the Super Bowl
·         Discuss whether Super Bowl advertising is worth the money


Or write an article about NGOs
·         Give reasons why NGOs exist
·         Point out some of the work NGOs do
·         State your personal opinion regarding NGOs. Would you consider working for one?  Why or why not?

Write at least 250 words. If you want feedback, send it to Sandrock via email (frauprofessorsandrock@gmail.com)

2HAS - In Class, Monday, February 22

Describe the picture in detail:  
Who is in the picture? 
What is she wearing? 
Where is she sitting? 
What is she doing?  
VOCAB:  Bank - bench

Describe the photo in detail: 
 What do you see in the picture? 
Where are they?
What is the weather like?
 What are they doing? 
VOCAB:  Eichhörnchen – squirrel, Stativ - tripod


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ferris Fest, May 20-22, 2016

O.K., I am speaking only for myself (not for the directors or KVs) but if anyone wants to go to Ferris Fest in Chicago in May, I will excuse you from English class!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

5C - Homework for Wednesday, February 10

We will plan the rest of the school year.  Your homework is to:

Decide which of the Matura topics you would like to research and present to the class.  There are 14 students, so that means 7 pairs - 7 topics.

Each group will provide talking points, vocabulary, phrases, and resources for that part of the Matura. Frau Professor Sandrock will help you narrow your research.

If you already know what topic you want to do, send Dr. Sandrock an email or WhatsApp!

Human Rights
Health & Nutrition
Mass Media/Communication
Environment/Pollution/Global Warming
Energy (+ Green Energy)
Sports (Olympic Games)

2C, 3C - Homework for Thursday, February 11


Each group will present the general information (WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? WHY? HOW?). See specific questions for each group below.

Good presentation:  free speaking (you may use notecards), good information/information/pronounciation/vocabulary, use of linking words, ability to answer qustions. For more, see this link.

Both of these holidays welcome spring.  Research the history of each holiday. What is it all about? Who celebrates it? Where is it celebrated?  How is it celebrated? Why is it celebrated?  Add a connection to the Lupercalia (Roman festival) as well. There's a short video of Groundhog Day 2016 - show that!
2C - Markus, Cvjetko
3C - Sarah, Elma, Daniel

Research the history of the holiday. What is it all about? Who celebrates it? Where is it celebrated?  How is it celebrated? Why is it celebrated?  Talk about the food (King Cake! Mimosas!  Crawfish Boil!), the music, and compare it with Fasching. You may want to include a SAFE FOR SCHOOL video
2C - Coco, Steffi, Christoph
3C - Julian, Julian, Fabian, Pascal

SUPER BOWL - It's Super Bowl 50 this year, y'all!  Why is the Super Bowl such a big deal?  What is it all about? Who celebrates it? Where is it celebrated?  How is it celebrated? Why is it celebrated? Make sure you include some recipes so we can celebrate next year in Austria!
SUPER BOWL History/parties/food
2C - Kevin, Lukas, Fabian
3C - Almir, Eldin, Venci

SUPER BOWL - Super Bowl Commercials are really special.  A lot of commercials premiere at the Super Bowl - why? Make sure you talk about the price of a 30-second commercial, the companies that usually advertise, especially this one. Show us some classic commercials (not all of them, but definitely include Mean Joe Green!).  What types of Super Bowl commercials can we expect to see this year?  This is important because it will lead into our review of 2016 Super Bowl Commercials!
SUPER BOWL Advertisements 
2C - Tobias, Martin, Lukas
3C - Valentin, Dzenis, Mike

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

4BHK - Homework for Tuesday, February 9


This page may be more user friendly: http://www.people.com/article/super-bowl-2016-commercials-ads

The Super Bowl takes place on Sunday, February 7.  This is the biggest television advertising opportunity in the United States of the whole year.  Everyone watches the Super Bowl, that means millions of people are watching not only the game, but also the commercials.  One company, MasterLock, spends their entire TV advertising budget on a commercial during the Super Bowl, because they know they'll get the biggest bang for their buck.

But it's not cheap. A 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl is $4.5 million dollars.  And these commercials are usually very memorable.

Research on the Internet what kinds of commercials are popular at the Super Bowl.  Then stay tuned for a link to all the commercials from Sunday's game.  For Tuesday, you will present your favorite commercial to the class.  First you will describe it - don't forget to say what product or service it's advertising. Then we will watch it.  Then you will analyze it - why is it a good commercial?

Monday, February 1, 2016

19 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in February


TOPIC: Complaints (or... You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!)

Complaints can be oral or written.

Oral complaints can be made in person or on the telephone.
It's always best to address the problem as soon as possible.  Fake fingernail in your fish-n.chips?  Talk to the restaurant manager.  Got home to find out the milk you just bought is spoiled?   Call the supermarket and tell them (you'll probably have to bring it back for a refund or exchange).  Amazon sent you the wrong color prom dress, and it's too late to send it back?  Call them and lodge your complaint for their incompetence!

Written complaints can be make via letter, online form, or email.
Written complaints are good when 1) you have already exhausted all other avenues (you've talked to the manager, you've called the head office, no one is listening to your silly complaint) or 2) you need a paper trail.  This is particularly true in business.  If there's a problem with a shipment (lost, late, damaged) you need to put your complaint in writing so people know what the problem is and what action has been taken.

As with all letters and above all, business letters, POLITENESS is key.  Don't say "You ruined my holiday!"  say "I'm very disappointed that the room I booked for my honeymoon was decorated with pictures of military uniforms and swords crossed over the bed."

Salutation (Dear Sir or Madam is fine, but if you can find the person responsible for complaints, or an address for the company president, that's better!)

Introduction:  What is your connection with this company?  "I booked a week at your spa from January 8 to 15..." "I recently ordered a fishing pole from your online store..."
(TIP!  You might want to start off with a compliment)

Reason you are writing:  What is the problem?  Be specific (but don't lie). Don't just say the food was cruddy.  Say that the chicken vindaloo was so spicy that you actually had to see a doctor for the burn on your tongue.  Don't say that the room hadn't been cleaned.  Say that the toothbrush and toothpaste from the former guest were actually still on the sink when you entered your hotel room.  Make sure you explain how you are personally affected by the problem. 

Suggestion of what could be proper handling of the situation: You can suggest a replacement, your money back, a voucher for your next purchase, that the company does something to improve the situation.  Just make sure that your  suggestion is in line with the actual "damages."

Polite close: You hope that the situation can be settled to the satisfaction of both parties.  Don't threaten with legal action unless it is something that is really meaningful "Seeing that we paid €1200 for security at the ball, and at least half of them were drunk, we seek reimbursement of €600.  If  a compromise is not forthcoming, we will be forced to take legal action."

Complimentary close:

4BHK - Sample Complaint letters

5AHK - Themenbereiche für sRDP 2016

You should be able to click on an image to embiggen.  Let me know if it doesn't work!



Monday, January 14 - In Class

Now This: How the Shutdown affect Washington DC:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-EzEeMiQI4 Government Workers apply for Unemployment: ...