Thursday, February 26, 2015

7C/8C - Last Call!

At the end of last semester, there were several homework assignments you could have done.  I know you did them, but I forgot to collect them ;-)  So if you have any English assignments in your folder that you want corrected, or you want to carry over points into the new semester, the deadline is Monday, March 2. After that, we start from scratch with Chapter 5 - Ecotourism!

Here's a round-up.

1) From January 12:  Read this article about the technology gadgets Ferris Bueller's Day Off :  Then compare and contrast the technology used in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off and technology today. Consider things like availability, price, practicality.  What would you need today to achieve the same results as Ferris?  Do you think it would be easier or harder now to play hooky and not get caught?  What gadgets are really hot now in 2015?  You may write out your answers to these questions to turn in on Monday, March 2.

2) From January 22:  Read the reading on page 43 "Environmental challenges in constructing the Gotthard Base Tunnel"
Then on page 42 do:
a) exercise 2 (making up headings for the text - see page 150 for help)
b) exercise 3 (reading comprehension)

3) read the text on page 41 "The Alps:  Living Space, Resort and Transit Zone" and do exercise 2 on page 40 (reading comprehension)
4)  Read the text on p. 45 "Tunnel Boring Machines," then do exercise 8 (reading comprehension).

5) From January 29 - Download the vocabulary worksheet and fill it out. 2) For Section 2, write a sentence for each word to turn in.

6) From February 2:  Write a report about "Transit Traffic in the Ennstal" .  See the hints on page 47 of your textbook FMT 4/5 or p. 201 in Laser B2.  .  In your report, you should
  • discuss the plans for the Ennstal
  • the pros and cons of each plan
  • analyse the solutions

 7) watch Super Bowl commercials here: write about which ad was best.  Remember to include (in your own words of course!):
  • a description of the commercial
  • what product/service is being advertised
  • what you like about it
  • whether you think it is an effective advertisement

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

1HAS - Homework for Friday, February 27

You may choose HW from the following list.  Do as many tasks as you can. Tasks with an asterisk (*) are recommended for the adjective revision on Friday, March 6.

Use the list of adjectives from the Wizard of Oz (

* List the meanings of the adjectives
* List the words that are synonyms
* Form the comparative and superlative of each adjective
- Indicate whether the adjective is used to describe people/animals, places/things, ideas or a combination.
- Give a summary in class of the Wizard of Oz in your own words.
- Do exercises c and d on page 46 of Just Go For It.  Write the answers (full sentences!) on a separate piece of paper to turn in.

Each task is worth points.  Do as many tasks as you can!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

4IW - Homework for Wednesday, March 4

The Apprentice UK 2014 Series 10 Episode 12

In episode 12, only five candidates are left defending their own business plans - The young entrepreneurs are hunting for an investment of Lord Sugar in their business.
Lord Sugar and his round of experts evaluate the business proposals of the five candidates, dump three proposals and leave two candidates in the process.
Explain for what reasons the candidates proceed/are fired.
To assist with this assignment, consult the article of Carl Carabelli,  ”How to Evaluate Business Proposals”.

Do the assignment in pairs and submit it by March 5th, 2015.

Be aware that the papers will be graded. Copying from classmates, the book, or the Internet does not pay!  Submit your own individual work output!

Good Luck!

Prof. Fuchs and Prof. Sandrock

How to Evaluate Business Proposals
By Carl Carabelli, eHow Contributor  - last reviewed September 02, 2014,

5IW - Homework for Wednesday, March 11

Read these pages online:

And answer these questions:

Find out about Wal-Mart`s success in India:
1.     Give some quick facts (number of shops, total revenue, number of employees, favored store formats) about Wal-Mart in India in 2014 and explain Wal-Mart’s business model in India.
2.     Which physical and regulatory challenges did/does Wal-Mart face entering the Indian wholesale and/or retail market?
3.     How did Wal-Mart adopt its product range to the Indian Consumer?
4.     Wal-Mart’s core philosophy is to offer “every day low prices”. In the US and many other markets outside the US Wal-Mart sticks to a Cost Leadership Strategy to convince its clients. What claim coins the USP of Wal-Mart in India?
5.     Concluding your internet research about Walt-Mart in India, what’s the competitive edge (USP) of the retailing giant in India?
6.     Give a forecast for Wal-Mart’s business development in 2015.

These links to websites might help you in your internet research:
Links aren't active.  Google:  walmart invests 103 million india and click the first article
Links aren't active.  Google:  walmart sharpens india focus and click the first article

Do the assignment in pairs and submit it by March 11th, 2015.

Be aware that the papers will be graded. Copying from classmates, the book, or the Internet does not pay! Quote all extracts from articles/websites properly. Submit your own individual work output!

Good Luck!

Prof. Fuchs and Prof. Sandrock

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