Monday, February 9, 2015

7C - Homework for Thursday, February 12

For Thursday, February 12, it would be GREAT if you'd finish a draft of your report on teenagers and smoking (we started this in class on Monday).  Here are some helpful hints to write the BEST draft you can:

1) Divide your report into sections (each section is a new paragraph)
- Introduction - What is the report about?
- Facts/Findings - Describe the bar chart about teenagers and smoking objectively
- Analysis/Interpretation - What do the statistics in the bar chart tell us about teenagers and smoking?
- Conclusion/Recommendation - Based on your analysis, what measures (if any) should be taken by the school?

2) Use phrases/vocabulary for Reports
- handout, pp. 54-55;
- p. 47 and pp. 150-151 in FMT 4/5 (also )
- Laser B2 p. 202

3)  Try to connect your sentences and paragraphs with language
- "Language for Writing" on back cover flap of FMT 4/5

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