Tuesday, February 24, 2015

5IW - Homework for Wednesday, March 11

Read these pages online:

And answer these questions:

Find out about Wal-Mart`s success in India:
1.     Give some quick facts (number of shops, total revenue, number of employees, favored store formats) about Wal-Mart in India in 2014 and explain Wal-Mart’s business model in India.
2.     Which physical and regulatory challenges did/does Wal-Mart face entering the Indian wholesale and/or retail market?
3.     How did Wal-Mart adopt its product range to the Indian Consumer?
4.     Wal-Mart’s core philosophy is to offer “every day low prices”. In the US and many other markets outside the US Wal-Mart sticks to a Cost Leadership Strategy to convince its clients. What claim coins the USP of Wal-Mart in India?
5.     Concluding your internet research about Walt-Mart in India, what’s the competitive edge (USP) of the retailing giant in India?
6.     Give a forecast for Wal-Mart’s business development in 2015.

These links to websites might help you in your internet research:
Links aren't active.  Google:  walmart invests 103 million india and click the first article

Links aren't active.  Google:  walmart sharpens india focus and click the first article http://www.business-standard.com/article/companies/walmart-sharpens-india-focus-again-114122200042_1.html

Do the assignment in pairs and submit it by March 11th, 2015.

Be aware that the papers will be graded. Copying from classmates, the book, or the Internet does not pay! Quote all extracts from articles/websites properly. Submit your own individual work output!

Good Luck!

Prof. Fuchs and Prof. Sandrock

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