Sunday, February 1, 2015

9C - Homework for Thursday, February 12

For Thursday, February 12

Work in pairs and research the following water turbines.  You will give a presentation in class on Thursday, February 12 (Matthias and Hannes already have their company presentations scheduled that day).  Follow the guidelines on page 89 of FMT 4/5 for giving a presentation.

In your presentation, you should

  • explain how the turbine works, using diagrams
  • Compare it with the Francis turbine in terms of typical uses, head range, advantages/disadvantages.
  • Include language found at the bottom of p. 89 of your textbook

Roland/Thomas S. - Francis/Limberg II Turbine
Johannes/Hasan - Kaplan Turbine
Lisa/Mario - Tyson Turbine
Lukas/Dominik D - Pelton Turbine
Thomas K/Niko - Turgo Turbine
Marvin/Christoph - Crossflow

N.B., if you partner is not there on Thursday, February 12, you will give your part of the presentation alone.

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