Wednesday, February 25, 2015

1HAS - Homework for Friday, February 27

You may choose HW from the following list.  Do as many tasks as you can. Tasks with an asterisk (*) are recommended for the adjective revision on Friday, March 6.

Use the list of adjectives from the Wizard of Oz (

* List the meanings of the adjectives
* List the words that are synonyms
* Form the comparative and superlative of each adjective
- Indicate whether the adjective is used to describe people/animals, places/things, ideas or a combination.
- Give a summary in class of the Wizard of Oz in your own words.
- Do exercises c and d on page 46 of Just Go For It.  Write the answers (full sentences!) on a separate piece of paper to turn in.

Each task is worth points.  Do as many tasks as you can!

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