Tuesday, February 2, 2016

4BHK - Homework for Tuesday, February 9


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The Super Bowl takes place on Sunday, February 7.  This is the biggest television advertising opportunity in the United States of the whole year.  Everyone watches the Super Bowl, that means millions of people are watching not only the game, but also the commercials.  One company, MasterLock, spends their entire TV advertising budget on a commercial during the Super Bowl, because they know they'll get the biggest bang for their buck.

But it's not cheap. A 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl is $4.5 million dollars.  And these commercials are usually very memorable.

Research on the Internet what kinds of commercials are popular at the Super Bowl.  Then stay tuned for a link to all the commercials from Sunday's game.  For Tuesday, you will present your favorite commercial to the class.  First you will describe it - don't forget to say what product or service it's advertising. Then we will watch it.  Then you will analyze it - why is it a good commercial?

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