Thursday, December 8, 2016

2C - Homework for Monday, December 12

For Monday, December 19:

1) Find a blog with interesting articles.  Leave the URL in the comments below!

2) Be able to talk about Wien Woche:  Everyone should be able to talk for TWO minutes about
* the transportation to Vienna (Hinreise)
* the accommodations (Unterkunft)
* the food
* activities and excursions
* free time
* the trip home
* What was your favorite part of the week and why?

Extra points for talking about Christmas Markets, and how you used English in Vienna.


  1. Alexander Haar:

    1. Eldin Pivolic

    2. Excellent! I was hoping someone would come up with CarTalk!

  2. Nico Mandlberger
    It worked this time :P!


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