Friday, April 17, 2015

Help out an American high school student!

Philip is an American student who respresents Austria in the Model UN.  Answer one or more of his  questions in the comments.  Make sure you put the NUMBER of the question you are answering and put your class and initials so I know who gets points (1HAS, JS)

1)  How do you imagine Austria in fifteen years?
2)  What is your opinion of America?
3)  What is the best part about Austria?
4)  What is the largest social or political issue in your country right now?
5)  What is the biggest challenge facing Austrian teens today?
6)  Finally, your teacher tells me that Austria is months ahead of the US in fashion. What is in style this summer? I’m looking to get a jump on my friends.
Thank You,
Philip Kiely

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  1. 2. I wasn’t in America, but I read a lot about it and because of that, I don’t want to live there. It’s described as a, I don’t want to say bad, but it’s not very good. Like that there are many, many fat people and every person has a gun.
    3. The best part about Austria is, that is so much nature! If you live, such like me, in a small village; you can go wherever you want. And there are also many nice traditions, like the “Lederhose” for example.
    4. The politicians are talking about an law, which says, that smoking isn’t allowed under the age of 18. Also that teacher should work 2 hours more a week.
    5. I think that Austrian teens are facing the problem to complete the “Zentral Matura”. The government is centralizing all the exams for Matura. Even the teachers don’t know the Exam before the students take it, because it is sent by “BIFIE” and is also created by them.
    6. I think that colors are in fashion again this summer. So if you buy something with powerful and glaring colors, you’ll be in fashion this summer.

    SJ, 4AHK

  2. Manuel Koch

    1) I think that Austria won't change that much in the next 15 years but I think that the upcoming winters won't last as long as the last ones did due to the global warming. I also think that the population will grow in the next years because of the incredibly high living standards in Austria and because of wars in the Ukraine and in Syria.

    2)My opinion about America is that it is a continent with thousands of opportunities. There are metropolis like New York, San Francisco and Chicago where people are always stressed and tired but there are also places with beautiful landscapes where people are more relaxed and don't care that much about money. I believe that you can find everything you want on this continent no matter what it is.

    3) The best part of Austria is definitely the food. No other country on this planet has as magnificent food as we have. Another terrific thing is the beautiful nature. I love the mountains, the hills, the rivers, the lakes and the peaceful silence.

    4) A big issue right now in Austria is the immigration of foreign people. Due to wars, proverty, political and economical reasons thousands of people try to get to Europe and Austria.

    5) One of the biggest challenge for teens is the search for a job. Very many young people don't get their expected job after they've finished university or school.

    6) Just go for a baseball cap, buy a few new t-shirts and shorts and you'll be in fashion this summer.

  3. 2) In my opinion, Amerika is a very interesting country with many opportunities to live a unique live. I think in Amerika, people don't judge immediately about others for excample a different hair or fashion style. The society is generally loose as in Austria. Sometime I want to go to Amerika for a year to learn more about the country, the people and their culture.

    3) Austria is generally a beautiful country with a breath-taking landscape. In winter you can go skiing, because Austria is situated in the Alps. In summer you can go swimming to a lake or go for a walk. But you can also visit Graz or Vienna to go shopping. In my opinion the food in Austria is the best. You must absolutely try our traditionell "Wiener Schnitzel" or the "Sachertorte".

    4) The most discussed issue is the possible prohibition of smoking in restaurants and other public facilities. The reason for this discussion is the health risk for passiv smokers. In my opinion it's an impudence, because some years ago, restaurant owners had to invest very much money in seperate smoking rooms and now if this law is introduced, all that was free of charge.

    5) I think the "Neue Zentralmatura" is the biggest challange for Austrias students. All the matura exams are centralized in the whole county and that's very complicate, because till present many mistakes of this system appears.

    Vanessa Griesebner 4AHK

  4. 1. I hope Austria is in fifteen years still a country as beautiful as today. I am proud to live in this beautiful, natural landscape to inhale healthy air. The climawandel makes me thoughtful but I am hopeful thal all people work together to find a right solution.

    2.America is a country with extremes. Until now I wasnt´t there but I have so much respect for it. There is so much criminality which makes me fearfully. Drugs are a daily theme when you read about America.

    3.The best part of Austria is the wonderful landscape with the functional natur. We also have healthy foods produced from home agriculture. Bio products from farmers 0are very trendy. To create a own garden with selffood becomes always more well-known.
    I am also happy to go in a school where we can be safe. All pupils and teachers are correctly and righteous.

    4.One of a political issue in our country is non smoking in restaurants and public institutions. I am happy that this becomes true. Refugees, the indroduction of centrally mature are also important themes in our daily newspapers.

    5.The teens in our country are happy and I mean we are in priciple harmless and reasonable but sometimes a little bit cocky. My friends and I are most of the time in school. We spend our leisure time by doing sports, playing football, playing computer games and drive with our motorcycles. This is amazing because it is new to be allowed to use motorcycles. We feel a little bit of independence. But we always be carefully.

    6.Young people wear shorts,tanktops and capes. Joggingtrouser are very trendy. Longboards are the newcomer in our city.It looks like a skateboard only a few longer. To wear your hair short and tidy you will be in fashion this summer.

    Jakob Kusche 1C

  5. Andreas ErlbacherMay 19, 2015 at 8:29 AM

    1. I think Austria will be the same country as now. It will probably govern by another party because the elections are still very score. Furthermore I think Austria will be a better fotball as now because they are getting better and better. The unemployment will rise more and more.

    2. America has a very beautiful landscape and the cities are also pretty. They have alot of important and popular people for example Barack Obama. If I have a long holiday and a lot of money I want to get to know the culture.

    3. The best part of Austria is the landscape because there are big mountains and there are also beautiful lakes and old cities. The people in Austria are very different. The msot residents are very hospitable.

    4. In Austria there is a high unemployment because there are a lot of foreigners and most of them get no work. Many politicians don't care about important things.

    5. The problem of the youth is the "Matura" or to create the driving license. They are very afraid of the Matura because they believe that they don't create the test. Many young people want to be a top athlet but this is difficult in Austria.

    6. The Austrian wear the cothes as the Americans. In summer they wear shorts and T-Shirts with sun glasses. We have also traditional clothing for example the "Lederhose" or the "Dirndl". Mostly we wear this clothes at feasts or at bear tents.

    Andreas Erlbacher 4AHK


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