Thursday, April 23, 2015

2C - Homework for Thursday, April 30

1)  Read email from Becky on p. 21. Then write a reply to her (Ex. 3, p. 22)  If you need help, see p. 110.  Write out your text to hand in.  5 points (but possibility of gaining 15 more!)

2) Read the text on pages 24-25.  Do exercise 4 on page 25 (Matura task!  - Put the headings in the right place in the article.  Then do Exercise 5, p. 26 (write out full sentences to the reading comprehension questions) and Ex. 6 p. 26 (vocabulary - copy the sentences with the correct word)
Total points 13 to 17.

3)  Help out an American high school student Answer one or more of Philip's questions in the comment section below.  Put the number of the question(s) you are answering as well as your class and initials so I know who gets the points!

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