2C - Homework for Thursday, April 30

1)  Read email from Becky on p. 21. Then write a reply to her (Ex. 3, p. 22)  If you need help, see p. 110.  Write out your text to hand in.  5 points (but possibility of gaining 15 more!)

2) Read the text on pages 24-25.  Do exercise 4 on page 25 (Matura task!  - Put the headings in the right place in the article.  Then do Exercise 5, p. 26 (write out full sentences to the reading comprehension questions) and Ex. 6 p. 26 (vocabulary - copy the sentences with the correct word)
Total points 13 to 17.

3)  Help out an American high school student http://ennsvalleyenglish.blogspot.co.at/2015/04/help-out-american-high-school-student.html. Answer one or more of Philip's questions in the comment section below.  Put the number of the question(s) you are answering as well as your class and initials so I know who gets the points!


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