Friday, April 17, 2015

1HAS - Homework for Friday, April 24

1) Keep a food journal.  Keep track what you eat and drink over the next week. What did you eat?   Where did you eat? Who prepared the food?  Was the food healthy or unhealthy?  Did you like the food?  Here are some phrases to get you started:

today       / at / breakfast / I                 / ate             / roast pork.
yesterday /    / lunch       / my mother / fixed          / veal cutlet.
.                     / dinner      / my family / prepared    /
.                                                           / grilled out. /

I / don't / like / lettuce with pumpkinseed oil.
I /             / like / salad with chicken strips.   

My /                / favorite / food     / is / pizza.
       /               /               / snacks / are / pretzels and potato chips.  
.      / least       / favorite / meal / is / ham loaf.

2) Write a comment on the blog. Answer Philip's questions about Austria.  Make sure you put the NUMBER of the question you are answering and your CLASS and INTIALS (1HAS, JS) so I know who gets the points!
On Friday, April 24 we will have a vocabulary test over the words on pages 70-71.

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