Friday, April 17, 2015

4AHK - Homework Options for Tuesday, April 28

1) You MUST write a draft of the report on page 73.  Use some of the phrases from the handout and include a SUBJECT, INTRODUCTION, ANALYSIS OF RESULTS (p. 73) and CONCLUSION/RECOMMENDATION.  This is a Matura Textsorte, and we will do a second draft in May.

2) Write a comment on the blog to Philip in answer to his questions about Austria.  You can answer one or more of his questions. Make sure you put the number of the question you are answering and include your class and initials so I know who gets points (4AHK, JS).

3) You can get a head start on Chapter 7 by reading the text on page 70 (Researcher, Beware) and writing a summary.

4)  You may also want to read the text on page 72 (Some types of websites). This is of highest importance for next year's projects (Diplomarbeit).

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