Saturday, December 3, 2016

9C - Homework for Monday, December 5

1) There's a reading test.  You can practice for it by doing some of the Reading Exams in "Going for Finals" (the green book you got at the beginning of this year - it has the answers in the back to check your reading comprehension) or in Focus on Modern Technology 4/5 (I think there are also answers in the back of the book for Exam Training/Practices Exams),

2) Manuel K and Klemens have a symposium.

3) What does the "Internet of Things" mean to you?  Look up some examples on the Internet and be able to describe an example of this kind of technology.

4) You should have at least 9 entries in your activity journal.  If you have less than five, you probably should think about doing some English activities and writing about them.  It would be a shame if you got an F for Mitarbeit.

5) A lot of you didn't write a report.  That's too bad. Not only are you losing points, but I'm also not sure how you think you're going to pass the Schularbeit much less the written Matura on chutzpah alone.

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