Sunday, October 22, 2017

ABEND HTL - Matura Topic Presentations

You will be the expert on your topic for Matura.  That means you should give your fellow students talking points that they can use for the oral Matura.  Don't just repeat information from the book everyone has.  Do some research, give examples, answer the Who? What? Where? When? Why? and Hows? of the topic, and MAKE A HANDOUT for everyone (14+1 for the teacher!)

We will begin presentations on December 7 and finish them by Christmas.  A good presentation should be about 10 minutes long and should engage your classmates!

Philipp G. - ???
Daniel G. - Socially acceptable drugs (alcohol, smoking, vaping)
Dominik K. - Guns/Gun Control
Harald M. - Cars
Ulrich P. - Robots/Automation
Markus R. - Fair Trade
Mario S. - Tourism in Austria
Sarah S. - Health and Nutrition
Marvin S. - Human Rights
Jan S. - Family
Achim S. - Extreme Sports
Manfred U. - Sports in Austria
Christian V. - Recent Trends in Food
Karl W. - Working for Success
Günther W. - Smart Homes/Internet of Things

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