Sunday, October 22, 2017

1 C (Group B) - Homework for Friday, October 27

We will have a short "quiz" (Schriftliche Mitarbeit).  The topics covered will be

1) Imperative verbs (class rules, dos and don'ts)
2) Describing your house/dream house/room/dream room

Use the handout you received during the lesson on Thursday, October 19 to study.  Pay special attention to the box with hints for vocabulary and grammar!

Looking ahead:
Homework for Friday, November 3: 

Task 1) Read pp. 27-28 in Focus on Modern Technology 1 (Befehlsform, Present Tense, Present Progressive)
Task 2) Read the email from Nick Cooper on page 20-21
Task 3) Do exercises 1 and 2 on page 21 (reading comprehension and pronouns)
Task 4) Do exercise 6 on page 23 (using grammar from pages 27-28 based on the text pages 20-21)

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