Tuesday, October 3, 2017

5C - Tuesday, October 3 - In-Class

Write an article for an international teen magazine about education in Austria.  What special programs does your country/school offer to help students get a well-rounded education that they can benefit from even after school ends?

TITLE:  Make sure it's interesting ("Education in Austria" is NOT interesting)

INTRODUCTION:  One or two sentences that describe how your education is special

BODY 1)  First example:  Vienna Week (describe some of the things you do on Vienna Week)

BODY 2) Second example:  Sport Week (describe some of the things you do on Sport Week)

BODY 3) Third example:  Language Week (describe some of the things you do on Language Week)

CONCLUSION:  Sum up the experiences you get from these three "road trips".  Maintain (behaupten) that your education in Austria is special and makes you a well-rounded person.

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