Monday, November 6, 2017

5C - November 6-7, In class

You will have time today and tomorrow to gather information about fad diets, and present the diets in groups in the lesson tomorrow.  

Situation:  Your group is presenting your diet at an international wellness conference for young adults.

In your presentation your group should:
* greet your audience
* introduce your team
* introduce your diet
* explain the philosophy behind the diet (why is THIS diet better than any other?)
* describe how this diet will help people lose weight/live healthy 
* compare this diet with a regular balanced diet and exercise - are any lifestyle changes necessary?
* point out the advantages and disadvantages of the diet

* give the audience idea of the foods you can eat on this diet (a sample menu is helpful!)
* tell your audience about the reputation/success rate of the diet (do people gain weight back after they stop? do they have health problems when they are on the diet?
* sum up the pros and cons of the diet
* ask your audience if they have questions

Each student will present at least 2-3 minutes of well-organized, thoughtful information (total for group 10 minutes).  That means use good examples, use good vocabulary and grammar, be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the diet, be able to tell success and horror stories.  

10 Most Famous Fad Diets of All Time (with links to descriptions and sample menus in English)

What is the philosophy behind the diet?
What foods are allowed on the diet?
What foods are not allowed on the diet?
What do breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks look like on this diet? 
What is the reputation of the diet?
What are the advantages of the diet?
What are the disadvantages of the diet?
Are lifestyle changes part of the diet, e.g. exercise?
Give an example of a success story-
Give an example of a bad experience with the diet.

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