Wednesday, December 6, 2017

1C - Blog Comment 1: Krampus or Nikolo?

HW 1:  Blog Comment:  Write a comment/or question about Krampus.  Make sure you put your name on your comment.  The best comments will be published to the blog! (write at least 80 words)


We don't have Krampus in the United States, but we do have St. Nicholas (good old St. Nick, Santa Claus).  I think Krampus is a crazy tradition:  people running around in devil suits and masks with giant jingle bells on their belt, terrorizing villages? No thank you!  Is it true that he carries off naughty children in his basket, or pounds their toes with a hammer?  In the U.S. naughty children just get coal in their stockings. 

What do you think about Krampus? Is he scary or cool? Why?  Tell me about your Krampus experience!  And do you have any questions for me about Christmas traditions in the United States?  Leave your questions and comments below!


  1. I think Krampus is a good tradition. Yes...children are often freaked out when they see him, but whose parents would allow their children to go to a "Krampuslauf"? Of course he doesn't have children in his basket and he doesn't have a hammer. He has a rod. But it isn't really hurtful when he uses it. However, sometimes when you go to a "Krampuslauf" some "Krampusse" are already drunk and so it can happen that he punches you a little bit too hard.

    Jakob Holl

  2. We have a lot of Krampusse in Austria from November to December. You can see them on „Krampusumzüge“, that is how we call it in Austria. I think the Krampusse are a cool tradition and this tradition belongs to Austria…But another important character is the Nikolaus. He is the boss of all Krampusse. This tradition came up a few hundred years ago. The Krampus stays for the bad days and the danger in the hard life in the Alps. The Niklaus is for the good days in the Alps. And because of, that the christs believe there are more good days than bad days and God protects them from danger, the good(Nikolaus) is the boss of the bad.
    Kienler Fabian


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