Tuesday, March 15, 2016

4BHK - Presentation Schedule

Monday 4/11 - Simon Ben and Jerry's
Tuesday 4/12 - Lukas Apple, Dominik Beats by Dre
Monday 4/18 (Ausfall??)
Tuesday 4/19 (Ausfall??)
Monday 4/25 Marlene Victoria's Secret
Tuesday 4/26 Hüdem Acer, Marko Intel
Monday 5/2 Emanuel Gibson
Tuesday 5/3 Viktoria Converse, Robert Nike
Monday 5/9 Bernd McLaren
Tuesday 5/10 Manuel Dodge, Paul Chevy
Monday 5/23 Julia Disney
Tuesday 5/24 - SCHULARBEIT
Monday 5/30 Carmen Camel
Tuesday 5/31Tobias Hollister, Stefanie Billabong
Monday 6/6  Simone Heinz
Tuesday 6/7 Laura Tommy Hilfiger, Ines Calvin Klein
Monday 6/13 Katharina Dunkin Donuts
Tuesday 6/14 Vanessa Kelloggs

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