Thursday, March 17, 2016

2C - In Class - Thursday, March 17

Dr. Sandrock may be late to the lesson on Thursday.  You should use this time wisely.  You have a vocabulary quiz to study for, and a talk about Vienna to prepare:

When Dr. Sandrock arrives, we will:
1) review vocab
2) take the vocab quiz
3) hear reports from Vienna

Each student should talk about their trip to Vienna for two minutes (or more!).

Here's your outline:
1.  The trip there (Hinreise)
2.  Accommodations (Unterkunft)
3.  Food
4.  Activities
5.  Free time
6.  The trip home
7.  What was your favorite part & why?

Pluspunkte if you use these words (correctly) in your talk!

  • city break
  • sightseeing tour
  • culture
  • unfortunately
  • luckily
  • great
  • awful
  • excitement
  • including  - you can use "including" like "for example" (We went to many museums for example including the Natural History Museum and the Modern Art Museum)
  • except for

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