Wednesday, March 9, 2016

3C - Homework for Wednesday, March 16

WE WILL STAY LATE THIS WEEK:  BEGIN AT 1:00 pm, finish at 3:10.  We can order pizza!

(Last week's Leistung:  Write a blog comment

Task 1:  Study for a verb revision (see Mike for a helpful handout!) - You are responsible for all active tenses in the positive, negative and question form!

Task 2:  Page 73-74 - This reading is a Matura/Schularbeit task.  Answer the questions with a MAXIMUM OF FOUR WORDS.

Task 3:  Page 74 - Read the text and do exercises 1 and 3 as written on page 75.  For exercise 2, use the following instructions

Determine whether the statement is True (T) or False (F).  Write the first four words of the sentence which supports your decision.

First four words…
Extra food miles are a problem because they harm the environment

This travel adds substantially…
Supermarkets help to reduce food miles by centralization

The UK imports  50 % of its vegetables.

It’s better to transport goods by sea than by road.

Buying organic produce can reduce food miles.

Organic produce is never transported more than 26 miles.

It is more economically friendly for Britons to eat tomatoes grown in warmer countries.

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