Saturday, November 8, 2014

3C - Homework for Thursday, November 13

After the disappointment of the past few meetings, you have a rare chance to redeem yourself.

For Thursday, November 13

1) Bring your book to class (Focus on Modern Technology 2 - new edition: Fit für die neue Matura in the top left corner). N.B. If you don't have a book or you have an old edition, you should either buy a new one ( or make copies from a classmate.

2) Check the list of presentations ( If there is a ?? next to your name, let me know what your topic is.

3) Do the exercises that you have missed:

a) Grammar review:  Passive with By-Agent on pages 66-67 (Exercises 1 & 2). Write out the sentences on a separate piece of paper TO TURN IN. 

b) Over the past couple of weeks, you have read and heard about the dangers of WiFi and other wireless technology.  Now it is time to put this information together.  Write a blog comment (see Helpful Hints below) in which you:

1) Summarize the controversy about WiFi and health risks (2-3 sentences),
2) Express your point of view about the health risks of wireless technology in schools,
3) Suggest ways in which people can lower their risk.

This text should be approximately 140-160 words.

You may use information from the text book, from the CD or from the internet.

I know you know this already, but... You may NOT copy a text from your neighbor, you may NOT cut and paste text from the Internet, you may NOT use Google Translate.

4) We will do a listening exercise that will count as Mitarbeit during the lesson. You can prepare by listening to this clip

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