Tuesday, November 25, 2014

4AHK - Homework for Friday, November 28

For Friday, November 28, write a follow up letter of enquiry TO TURN IN.

A) Look at the correspondence between FreiLuft Austria GmbH and Apex Leisure Ltd.

Dear Sir or Madam,
My name is Gustav Kuddelmuddel and I represent FreiLuft Austria GmbH.  I recently saw your advertisement in the current edition of Campers' World and my company is interested in your range of solar-powered camping lamps.
We are a leading distributor of camping equipment in Linz, Austria, and we would like to request three copies of your current catalogue, including a list of prices.
Thank you for your help and we look forward to receiving the information shortly.
Gustav Kuddelmuddel
Dear Mr. Kuddelmuddel, 
Thank you for your enquiry about our product line here at Apex Leisure Ltd.  As requested, I am sending you three copies of our current catalogue, complete with updated price list. 
I hope that you will find what you need within these pages.  We would be very happy if you would choose Apex Leisure Ltd as your next supplier, and we look forward to your first order with us. 
Anjeli Sen
B) Now follow prompt 3 on page 43 of Focus on Modern Business Communication 3 to write a follow up letter of enquiry to Anjeli Sen.  Here are a couple of translations/hints!

* Probebestellung - trial order
* verbindliches Angebot - binding offer
* Be really polite!  Don't write: 'We absolutely expect you to give us the usual trade discount (Handelsrabatt)." Don't write "The owner's manual (Benutzerhinweise) must be translated into German"  Find ways to ask for these things politely!
* Do you all learn about Incoterms in your Wirtschaft classes?  DDP is discussed on pp. 115-116)

B) If you want extra practice, or extra credit (because maybe you haven't written any texts all semester), feel free to write a letter of enquiry based on prompt 4 on page 43.

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