Thursday, November 6, 2014

7C - Homework for Monday, November 10

For Monday, November 10, write a blog comment (see hints below) about The Internet of Things in which you

1) briefly summarize RFID technology
2) Discuss advantages and disadvantages of RFID
3) Express your position on the Internet of Things. Is it a good idea or a bad idea? Why?

At least 150 words (shoot for  140-160)

You may use the article in the book, the listening from the CD, the National Geographic article, YouTube videos, etc.

I know you know this already, but... You may NOT copy a text from your neighbor, you may NOT cut and paste text from the Internet, you may NOT use Google Translate

(For other Textsorten for the neue Zentralmatura, see here:


  1. RFID is the technology for automatic and contact-free identification and to locate products with radio waves. The two main parts of radio frequency identification are a microchip and an antenna. With a RFID system you know the specific expiration date of products, the store`s computer knows the number of the products which have to be reordered. Your refrigerator knows which products are empty and when products spoil. There are an unending number of applications for RFID but what are advantages and disadvantages? The RFID technology makes your life easier and comfortable but there are also disadvantages. The internet of things knows all of you. You can`t hide anything and so your life becomes an open book. I am in two minds because of these arguments. Yes, the RFID technology makes the life easier but the disadvantages are also a serious problem and for this reason I`m against the whole application of this system.


  2. What is RFID?
    Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is an automatic identification method.
    This method has found wide application in recent years
    It is a contactless communication technology.
    that transmits information for the identification of persons, animals and goods. An RFID system has a data carrier and a reader/ writer with an antenna.

    - high reliability
    - long durability
    - high storage capacity

    - higher investment

    Lukas Wohlfahrter


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