Wednesday, November 12, 2014

CFC - Termine und Leistungsbeurteilung

CAMBRIDGE/CONVERSATION - Ideally 12: 50 - 14:30 - Tuesdays

All students must participate as if preparing for the Cambridge exam.  We will do six practice tests.  You are expected to get at least a 55% on each, and to improve in two areas (reading, writing, listening).  

70% - Participation - Come to class and actively participate.  Don’t skip class, especially days when practice tests are given!
30% - Practice Tests - Improvement in two areas (see below)

CAMBRIDGE:  If you improve in two areas, you will receive a 1 for practice tests and a Bescheinigung for  Cambridge. 

CONVERSATION:  You must take at least four practice tests.  If you do not improve in two areas, you will receive a 2 for practice tests and Bescheinigung for Conversation.

October 28 - Introduction

November 4 - Listening Test Strategies

November 11 - Listening Practice Test

November 18 - Writing Test Strategies
Speaking/Language in Use

November 25 -  Writing Practice Test (expect to stay late this day)

December 2 - Reading Test Strategies
Speaking/Language in use

December 9 - Reading Practice Test

December 16 - Language in Use

January 13 - Language in Use

January 20 - Listening Practice Test 2

January 27 - Writing Practice Test 2 - (Expect to stay late this day)

February 3 - Reading Practice Test 2

February 10 - Last chance to improve on Listening, Writing or Reading test. You may choose up to two tests, but keep in mind that Writing is 1 hour 20 minutes, Listening is 40 minutes and Reading is 1 hour.

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