Wednesday, November 5, 2014

5 IW - Homework for Wednesday, November 19

Setting up a business and drawing up a business plan

THE SET UP:  You and your partner want to set up a little business in high end home fragrances.  Your products ae fragrance candles and fragrance dispensers, etc.

THE TASK:  Draw up a business plan for your home fragrance idea.
If you have your own convincing business idea for which you would like to draw up a business plan, feel free to do so instead of using the business idea "Home Fragrances"

For the structure of your business plan use the tips from the website "The Start-Up Donut - Resources for young business" (Hint: You may find the business template on the Glencoe website easier to use.)

Work out a business plan in pairs and submit it by November 19, 2014. (Bring a draft to class on Wednesday, November 12 for feedback)

Be aware that the business plan will be graded.  Copying from classmates does not pay!  Submit your own individual business idea!

For inspiration, watch Episode 3 of "The Apprentice" UK 2014, Series 10

Good Luck!  

Prof. Fuchs and Prof. Sandrock


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