Thursday, November 6, 2014

2C - Presentations

January 29 -
February 5 - Vjencislav, Mike, Florian K.
February 12 - Almir, Valentin, Pascal
March 12 - Sascha,??
March 26 -
April 16 - Jürgen, Julian L.
April 23 - Fabian, Julian E., Daniel

You may have a notecard with key words
You may use the Cars book in the classroom.
You may use the Internet (Wikipedia, Car Talk, Eric the Car Guy)
If you use graphics from the Internet or a book, you must give the source (Quelle!)

You should not write your text on your slides (nur Stichwörter!)
You should not read your text.
You should not memorize your text.

Pascal - Cars in the City
Daniel - Race cars
Julian E. - Supercharged power
Jürgen - Creation/Manufacture
Fabian - Stopping and Steering
Almir - How an engine works
Vjencislav - High Performance
Valentin - Mass Production
Florian - Signals/Safety
Mike - Horseless Power
Julian L. - American Dream
Sascha - Anatomy of a car

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