Sunday, November 23, 2014

2C - Homework for Thursday, November 27

Make sure you have a copy of Chapter 7 - Moving Pictures:  TV and Cinema from the NEW edition of Focus on Modern Technology 1 (on Lehrer -> Schüler Tausch or copied for you last Thursday).

A) Prove you've done your homework,
B) Answer quickly in class, and
C) Correct your own mistakes.

Page 107 - Read exercise B1 (we did this in class)
Page 108 - Do exercise B2 (we did this in class)
Page 108 - Exercise B3 (sequencing:  first, next, after that, then, finally)
Page 108-109- Exercise B4 (put verbs into the passive. Use present simple or simple past... be careful about negative sentences and questions!)
Page 109 - Exercise B5 (Change the active sentences into passive. Look at the examples first!)
Page 109 - Exercise B6 - (Using modal verbs with passive infinitive)
Page 110 - Exercise B7.1 - Use passive verbs in the simple past.
Page 110 - Exercise B7.2 - Use passive verbs in the simple present.

Here are irregular verbs you need to memorize:
All tenses and forms of the verb "to be"
burn - burnt - burnt
choose - chose - chosen
do - did - done
draw - drew - drawn
find - found - found
keep - kept - kept
make - made - made
shoot - shot -  shot
speak - spoke - spoken
spend - spent - spent
take - took - taken
wear - wore -worn
write - wrote - written

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