Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2C - Homework for Thursday, November 20

1) Do exercise 5b on page 106 of Chapter 7 (not Chapter 7 in your textbook, but the pages you printed out from Lehrer - Schüler Tausch).  Use the episode of "Jonny Quest" that we watched in class on November 13.  Explain why you think everybody should see it.  Use the words and phrases we collected in class, and write three or four sentences about the series answering these questions:

What is the title of the series?
What kind of series is it?
Who are the characters?
What is it about?
What is your opinion of this series (based on the episode we saw)?
Would you recommend this series to your friends?

2) Write an outline/handout of your presentation to turn in for feedback.  Your outline/handout should reflect what you will talk about in your 8-10 minute presentation, including organization and sources.  On Thursday, November 20 you will sign up for time to give your presentation.

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