Wednesday, November 19, 2014

5C - Homework for Thursday, November 20

5C - Writing prompt for gun attitudes article, due Thursday, November 20

You are writing a guest article for an American high school newspaper about the difference in gun attitudes between America and Austria.  You have to be somewhat objective, but you may express your own opinion.  In your article,
·      Explain the legal uses of guns in Austria
·      Compare statistics of gun deaths in the United States and Austria
·      Express how gun behaviour influences European perception of the U.S.

HINTS:           Make sure you give your article an interesting title
                        Your introduction should indicate what the article is about, but it                                   should also build reader interest.           
                        Use a new paragraph for each bulletpoint
                        Use fitting examples (are they relevant and to the point?)
                        Conclusion should sum up your argument
                        Rhetorical questions build interest
                        Encourage reader to continue reading, either through direct address or more indirect methods
                        For more help, see page 156 in Focus on Modern Technology 4/5, the Textsorten for the sRDP (link online), or p. 194-195, Laser B2

                        Edit your text for spelling, capitalization, punctuation and paragraphs

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