Sunday, November 30, 2014

Exam Day Instructions and Consequences

So tests and exams can be administered efficiently, please follow these instructions:

1)  If your exam is in the first lesson, make sure you arrive ON TIME (Consequence: You may miss part of the exam).
2)  Leave your cell phone at the front of the class.  You may retrieve it only when all students are finished with the exam.
3)  Sit at a separate table (when possible) or with at least one chair between you and your neighbor
4)  Put your name on the OUTSIDE of the folded exam paper and on each page.
5)  Do not open the exam paper until all students have received theirs.
6)  Finish each part of the exam in the time allotted. Listening and reading will be collected.
7)  Do not talk to or signal other students during the exam.
8)  Do not look at or copy from other students' papers
9)  When you are done with your exam, check your work before turning it in.
10)  When you are sure you are finished, give your exam to the teacher and wait outside the classroom quietly.

Students caught cheating will receive a 'nicht bewertet' and must repeat the exam on their own time at the teacher's convenience. Cheaters can expect a Wiederholungsprüfung to be significantly different from the original.

Examples of cheating include (but are not limited to):
* Cheat sheets (Schummelzettel)
* Notes written in dictionaries
* Copying from your neighbor
* Talking to your classmates during the exam
* Signaling to your classmates during the exam
* Texting answers before, during or after the exam.
* Photographing an exam.

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