Thursday, November 6, 2014

2C - Homework for Thursday, November 13

For Thursday, November 13

A)  Write a blog comment (see hints below) about how to eat well, in which you

1) Explain the reasons why people eat so much fat, sugar, and salt
2) discuss the consequences of eating too much fat, sugar, and salt
3) Suggest ways in which people can improve their diet.

This should be approximately 150-200 words. To turn in at the beginning of class on Thursday, November 13.

You may use information from the text book, from the internet, and from the presentations.

I know you know this already, but... You may NOT copy a text from your neighbor, you may NOT cut and paste text from the Internet, you may NOT use Google Translate.

(For other Textsorten for the neue Zentralmatura, see here:

B) Finish the worksheet on Listening Practice by listening to this broadcast ( answering the detailed questions.

Here are some words you may want to know:
infectious - ansteckend
epiphany - Erleuchtung
bum - Faulenzer
mischievous - spitzbübisch (it really is a word!)
feisty - streitlustig
affection - Zuneigung

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