Wednesday, November 19, 2014

3C - Revised Prompt for WiFi Blog Entry

For Thursday, November 20, prepare an outline/handout for your 10-12 minute presentation.  The handout should reflect what you will talk about, including organization and sources.


You are one of the authors of “TechnoEnglish,” a blog where HTL students can practice writing (and reading) English.  Write a blog entry informing your schoolmates about the risks of wireless technology.  In your blog entry, you should:
·      Summarize the controversy about WiFi and health risks (2-3 sentences),
·      Express your point of view about the health risks of wireless technology in schools,
·      Suggest ways in which people can lower their risk.

Your blog entry should be 140-160 words.

            * Give your blog entry an interesting title
            * Your introduction should indicate what the entry is about, but it should also build reader interest (rhetorical questions are good for this! you can also ask your readers to comment on your post)
            * You may address your readers (in this case, English students at the HTL)
            * You should have a separate paragraph for each bullet point

            * Did you proofread for spelling, capitalization, punctuation and                                        paragraphs?

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