Tuesday, November 4, 2014

3C - Homework for Thursday, November 6

For Thursday, November 6

A) Do the grammar review:  Passive with By-Agent on pages 66-67 (Exercises 1 & 2).

B) Over the past couple of weeks, you have read and heard about the dangers of WiFi and other wireless technology.  Now it is time to put this information together.  Write a blog comment (see Helpful Hints below) in which you:

1) Summarize the controversy about WiFi and health risks (2-3 sentences),
2) Express your point of view about the health risks of wireless technology in schools,
3) Suggest ways in which people can lower their risk.

(For other Textsorten for the neue Zentralmatura, see here: https://www.bifie.at/system/files/dl/srdp_lfs_textsortencharakteristika_2013-06-20.pdf)

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