Saturday, November 22, 2014

7C - Homework for Monday November 24


This semester there have been several incidents involving the student break room at the HTL Trieben.  The director is worried that students are becoming increasingly destructive, and he has decided to install a surveillance camera complete with microphone in the break room.  The system will cost about 750-1000 and the parent association (Elternverein) will have to pay for it.

Write a letter of complaint to the director in which you:

                  * Describe the problems with the break room this semester
                  * Express your concerns about student privacy
                  * Suggest alternative methods of monitoring the break room

You may, of course, address other issues in this letter, such as the cost.

Make sure you follow the directions for a letter of complaint on page 34 of Focus on Modern Technology 4/5.  Before you submit the assignment, PROOFREAD! 
                  * Does your work reflect the assigned task?
                  * Did you use proper punctuation, capitalization, paragraphs and spelling?
                  * Did you include addresses, date, greeting and appropriate closing?
                  * Did you use the correct register for a letter to the director?
                  * Is your letter something you can be proud of?

As always, you should do your own work.  You may, of course, use dictionaries or phrases you’ve learned from our short study of surveillance, but don’t resort to Google Translate or copying from your classmate. Such work will not be evaluated.

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