Tuesday, November 4, 2014

7C - Presentations

March 2 Verena H., Christoph S.
March 9 Emil S, Felix S.
March 23 .
April 13 Gernot S.
April 20 Alexander D., Jörg
April 27 Florian T. Christian B.
May 4 Florian D., Gerit S.
May 18 - Lukas W., Gernot S.

These companies are leaders in the field of technology and manufacturing.  In your Referat your should talk about the company, its mission, its relationship to the environment  and discuss in detail AT LEAST ONE product that the company produces (include manufacturing, materials, specifics, reputation, etc.)

You will turn in an outline of your Referat to me for feedback by FEBRUARY 5. We will begin Referate on March 2. 

Let me know which company you select, and what date you want to give your Referat. If you have another idea of a company that has information available on the web in English, please see me!

Christian B. - Joy Global Underground Mining
Florian D. - Voestalpine
Alex - Gianni Ferrari
Verena - Caterpillar
Christian S. - Boeing
Christoph S. - Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
Gernot - Aston Martin
Felix - NitroUSA
Jörg - Harley Davidson
Gerit - ThyssenKrupp
Emil - Cam-Am
Florian T. - Maglev (Siemens)
Stefan - Smith & Wesson
Lukas - John Deere

Companies left over:  Cessna, Learjet, General Electric, GE Aviation, Tesla Motors, Schaefer International Systems, Caterpillar, Delorean - or another company that is a leader in mechanical engineering and manufacturing with information available in English.

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