Monday, November 17, 2014

1C - Homework for Monday, November 24

For Monday, November 24, do the following exercises in the textbook, Focus on Modern Technology 1

1) Read the article on page 34
2) Do exercise 1 on page 35 (Leseverständnis)
3) Do exercise 2 on page 35 (Vokabel)
4) Do exercise 3 on page 36 (simple past, positive and negative statements)
5) Do exercise 4 on page 36 (questions in simple past)
6) Do exercise 5 on page 37 (past progressive, positive statements and questions)
7) Do exercise 6 on page 37-38 (you do not need to work with a partner... using past simple and past progressive)

You should write out the answers in your book, so you can a) prove you have done the work, b) answer the questions in class on Monday and c) correct your own answers.

Looking ahead, we will have a grammar revision (#2) on December 1 over past simple, past progressive (don't be surprised if there is also present simple, present progressive on this revision as well!)

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