Thursday, March 19, 2015

8C - "Homework" for Monday, March 23

This is a time for you to catch up!  We have been talking about eco-tourism.

In particular, attitudes towards eco-tourism (p. 52 of your textbook)
and ways a resort can be environmentally friendly (pages 53-54 of your textbook)

Here is an online version of the article on pages 53-54 of your textbook (it's not exactly the same, but similar enough for review!)

Here are the homework exercises you could have done.  Monday, March 23 will be the last time you may hand them in for points:

Some vocabulary you absolutely, positively have to know to discuss this topic!
environmentally friendly
environmentally responsible
CO2 emissions
to ruin = to destroy
to damage = to harm
marketing spin
adverse environmental effects
alternative energy

Here are some videos to get a better idea about ecotourism:




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