Tuesday, March 17, 2015

4AHK - Homework options for Tuesday, March 24

Make sure you look at page 67 (vocabulary).  In order to discuss the topics in this chapter, start writing vocabulary you don't know in your vocabulary notebook.

To help with vocabulary, do the following exercises (write out full sentences on a separate piece of paper to hand in)

1) page 56, exercise 1 - Fill in the gaps with the words fom the wordbank IN YOUR BOOK (Do NOT rewrite the full text).  But use the SAME WORDS in the wordbank to produce a short text on either A) what are the ironies in Ms. Montag's story? OR B) Give your opinion about Heidi Montag's choice to have so many surgical procedures.


2) page 62, exercise 4 - Pair the VERB on the left with the NOUN PHRASE on the right.  Thewrite a sentence using the new phrase that means the same thing as sentences 1-5.


3) page 63 - Match the QUESTIONS on the left with the ANSWERS on the right.  Then explain IN ENGLISH what the words in italics mean.

You may, of course, do any or all exercises!

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