Thursday, March 12, 2015

1HAS - For class, Friday, March 13

100 years of fashion in 100 seconds

1960s Fashion

Not forgetting the guys!

Write a text comparing fashion today to fashions of the 60s.  "Compare" means use the phrases we've learned over the past few weeks:  as __ as, not as __ as, -er than, more __ than, -est of all, most __ of all.

Here are things you can can compare:
- colours
- hairstyles
- hemlines (Rocklänge)
- men's fashions
- accessories (glasses, jewelry, hats)
- hippie vs. hipster fashion

Here are some adjectives you can use (or use your own!)
- colourful
- funky
- groovy
- mod (short for modern)
- old-fashioned
- psychedelic

Begin your text:  Today I went to the Fashion Museum and saw a video about 1960s fashions.  I think fashion in the 60s was really...

(like the 60s?  Here's some English slang from that decade

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