Thursday, March 12, 2015

3C - Homework Options for April 16

Begin reading "Into the Wild" (do the pre-reading exercise first!)  Sandrock will post questions to guide your Reading Journal and will update you via WhatsApp!

There are other exercises you can do to earn points for English class.  Here are some options:
1)      Answer questions about “Black Boy,” or “The Outsiders” (to be posted by Sandrock to the blog this weekend).  In your words, no points for Abschreiben!
2) In your textbook, p. 98-99.  Read the text “Born to Ride.” Then, using the mindmap on p. 99, write a summary of the article. 
3)  Read over p. 102 (grammar review:  indirect questions, indirect orders/advice/requests) and do exercises 1 or 2 on page 103 (you may do both exercises for extra points). Write out the answers on a separate piece of paper to turn in.

No points for Abschreiben, copying from your classmate, from the Internet, from the text or for using Google Translate to produce a text! 

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